Top 10 Websites to Create Animated GIFs for Brands

A web developer specializes in the development of internet-friendly applications and websites. Web developers work in reputed corporations, small and medium sized companies, and as freelancers. Gifs are only a very small part of a web developer’s tool box. Whatever your mood is, there are probably various GIFs out there to help you showcase your creative skills and innovative ideas.

Your web design is often your customers’ first experience with your services. If you don’t have sufficient experience, don’t start the job; remember first impression is everything.

What if you don’t find a desired GIF? Here are the websites you can use to create animated GIFs for client websites and multiple brands worldwide.

1. ImgFlip

Imgflip helps you create high-tech GIFs, and is supportive for JPG, PNG and GIF formats. It’s simple scroll panel facilitates the users to control their GIF’s delay time, quality and other components. Drag images onto the website and rearrange sequences to create final products with its user-friendly interface. A pro account is needed to access all hidden features of ImgFlip, which aren’t available for free users.

2. GIFPal

As a web designer, it is your duty to present something extraordinary and impressive to the clients; GIFPal is a decent website with tons of functionalities. It lets you retouch the brightness, hue, and saturation of GIFs. You can explore its gallery of animated GIFs to get some ready-made designs for quick web designing.

3. BlogGIF

This website allows you to do more than just putting together regular animations. The features this website is known for are adding high-quality effects to GIFs, and creation of own slideshows. Being a web developer, you’ve the freedom to decompose animated GIFs into several frames. If that’s not enough, try its Webcam GIF function to capture pictures and turn them into mini-movies.

4. GIFUp

Modern web applications are often considered non-reliable until they’re available free. GIFUp facilitates the users with basic functions that are required to turn pictures into top-notch GIFs. Share your product in semi-final condition with the client via email, or compared to Loogix and Picasion to reach a level of perfection.

5. Loogix

Creating world-class responsive and mobile web designs is one of the toughest jobs a web designer do. Loogix allows you to work with multiple GIFs at one time. You can also add as many images as you want; because this website supports 5 different frame speeds.

6. Picasion

Using Picasion you can upload your images and import from Flickr to create awesome web animations. The fairly simple navigation of this website helps you upload desired images directly from your laptop to make appropriate changes.

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7. Gickr

Gickr lets you upload 3-10 images to create GIFs; using this tool you can custom the speed of your animated GIFs. This website is well supportive for importing pictures from Flickr and Picasa.

8. MakeaGIF

Sometimes it takes much of your time to upload onto GIF websites, MakeaGIF eases your work. Select multiple photos by command key to access its gallery of funny animated GIFs to come up with the best animations.

9. GIFMaker.Me is a handy site that supports images in multiple formats. It facilitates you with better control over animated GIF’s canvas size, and comes with a preview panel to get inspiration.

10. MemeCenter’s GIF Maker

If you’re a big fan of memes then MemeCenter is great. This site makes it a lot more convenient for users to create high quality GIFs. Insert additional text and brush strokes into your GIF to give it a more personalized touch.

Web designing encompasses different skills to produce and maintain websites. Always remember that websites play a vital role in branding efforts. It is part of your job to design a customer-friendly website, because if it got designed wrong, you can lose the job and hundreds of dollars that were paid in advance.

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