Top 10 Weird Habits of Famous Entrepreneurs

In order to be productive, most people follow a daily routine. They wake up, go to work, get their lunch at noon and go back to work; well at least that is what the majority of people do. But for the most famous entrepreneurs who live amongst us, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Apart from having the talent and persistence to go after their dreams, they also seem to possess a difficult personality that explains their own kind of weirdness. At least this is what Scientific American says in an attempt to explain why creative people are also some of the most eccentric ones. The daily routines of the most successful people includes doing things that are entirely differently from the norm.

This becomes more evident through a close examination of their unique habits, which have an important role in their huge success. Everybody knows that Steve Jobs was famous for eating one specific type of food for weeks and was so convinced of the benefits of eating carrots, that his skin was reported to have turned orange. Ok, honestly now who else would do that?

The truth is that everyone wants to be able to use their time effectively and entrepreneurs are kind of experts at it. For these entrepreneurs, their strangeness is what made them successful and exceptional at what they do.  

So, here are a few of the weirdest habits some of the most famous entrepreneurs have used to helped succeed:


1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is the type of person someone would describe as obsessive and controlling. But perhaps this is what made her so famous within the business world, having gained many admirers who are currently following her work. What’s rather unique about what she does is that Steward is regarded as being an extremely demanding boss. Her strict office rules said no ink other than red or black may be used on any document. Also, all her employees are required to clear their desks of personal items including coffee mugs and photos of loved ones every day.

2. Bob Parsons

GoDaddy’s CEO, Bob Parsons, is a hunting enthusiast. Even though there’s nothing wrong with that, Parsons was supposed to know that killing an elephant isn’t the same as killing a bird – even though doing so is illegal in many countries. According to Gawker, after Parsons posted a video of him killing a bull elephant that he considered as a ‘problem’ on an expedition in Zimbabwe, he received a lot criticism and attempted to explain his stance from a humanitarian point of view.  

3. Jeff Bezos

There’s no doubt that Jeff Bezos is an excellent leader. As the founder and CEO of Amazon, he has become one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. But his success wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for his six-page memos that structure his company meetings. This unique management technique requires that the participants sit for 30 minutes in total silence reading over Bezo’s six-page memos. As weird as this sound it actually serves a purpose which is to allow each presenter to speak more concisely and to the point.

4. Seth Priebatsch

Founder and CEO of SCVNGR and LevelUp, Seth Priebatsch might seem like the most ordinary guy from afar, but if you worked in his company, you would realise that’s just an illusion. Following in the steps of Zuckerberg, Priebatsch is an extremist in terms of his attire. Every day he comes in the office in bare feet wearing an orange shirt and colour-matching ski-goggles. But what is rather interesting about this young entrepreneur’s daily routine, is his sleep habits. As a workaholic, Preibatsch has reportedly worked for 96 hours in a row as well as sleeping in his office using his sleeping bag.

5. Marissa Mayer

CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is a productivity guru. In order to maximise her waking hours, when working for Google, Mayer would work up to 150 hours each week and still get enough sleep by taking naps at the office - like many other super busy entrepreneurs often do.  Likewise, in an attempt to make effective use of her time, she carries her laptop everywhere she goes.

6. Donald Trump

Donald Trump hands

Famous entrepreneur, real estate developer and TV personality, Donald Trump has one great weakness. According to Business Insider, Trump has been described as a germophobe on numerous occasions. When meeting people, he avoids shaking hands with them, he doesn’t touch the elevator button and he has been seen to give out hand sanitizer bottles to reporters. In fact, Trump personally admitted he is a ‘clean hands freak’ on New York Magazine.

7. Walt Disney

The man with the biggest imagination in the world, Walt Disney knew that he had to preserve some elements of his childish innocence to be able to pull this off. As a huge fan of trains, Disney not only included trains in his dreamy Disneyland but also collected some for his own use. To be exact, he incorporated a huge model train setup in his office and a smaller one in his backyard.

8. Warren Buffett

The famous billionaire, Warren Buffett chooses to spend his free time playing the ukulele. Don’t believe me? Check out this video that features Buffett showing off his musical prowess along with Bon Jovi. I have to say I was quite impressed! Buffett even sold one of his instruments with his autograph on it for the price of 11,000 dollars.

9. Elon Musk

Ever wondered why Elon Musk is often photographed in front of cars? Well, in case you are wondering the explanation is simpler than you think. Apart from the fact that he is the CEO of Tesla Motors, Musk is also an avid fanatic of - what else motors and his car collection is the ultimate proof. Currently, he owns the 1977 Lotus Esprit from the James Bond Film and who knows soon he might be looking into buying his favourite car, the McLaren F1.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which is currently the world’s most successful social networking platform, seems to be very passionate about what he does. Apart from that, though, he seems to be very interested in self-development and often puts challenging goals and discipline tests for himself every year, no matter how unusual and demanding they are. For example, five years ago his goal was to wear a tie to work every day, in 2011 to kill every animal he ate and this year’s resolution will be to read a new book every two weeks!

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To be successful, you have to be able to express your weirdness. After all, it may be the only thing that makes you unique, and being unique is the only way to stand out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new habits just make sure they can help you develop yourself. In the end, it all comes down to being yourself and expressing your creativity.

So, how about you? Do you have any weird hobbies that you want to share? Feel free to do so in the comments section below!