Top 10 WordPress Comment Plugins

Every WordPress site or blog comes with a default comment section where readers can share their thoughts. WP comment plugins come in handy when it comes to modifying the functionality and design of the comment section. Here are some WordPress comment plugins you might want to consider:

1. CommentLuv

CommentLuvallows commenters to share a link to post on their own blog beneath their comment. This is usually a major incentive for commenters who would want to direct traffic to their blogs. You can view information about the commenter by hovering your mouse pointer over the CommentLuv icon.

2. Multi Author Comment Notification 

In WordPress, email notifications of new comments are only sent to authors of blog posts. However, if your site has several authors, you would also want them to contribute to the discussions. The Multi Author Comment Notification plugin allows you to send notifications to all the authors you choose on your WordPress site.

3. Dofollow

This plugin allows you to eliminate the nofollow tag from your comments. This encourages people to comment more since they can enjoy page rank benefits from the links shared.

4. Minimum Comment Length

Occasionally, you will come across visitors who leave insignificant comments just for the sake of getting traffic. This plugin allows you to set a minimum number of words that comments have to contain before they will be accepted. When a visitor’s comment falls short of this, they will see a customized message that will prompt them to add more words.

5. Quote Comments

This is a free plugin which attaches a quote link to every comment. This allows your readers to respond to specific comments left by other people. Quote Comments comes in handy especially when the site or blog administrator has disabled further comments on a post. 

6. Ban Hammer

This plugin allows you ban spammers or rogue commenters through their email addresses. It comes with a comment blacklist that can be updated with email addresses that should be blocked. When someone tries to register or comment using a blocked address, they will get an automated message informing them that they cannot get access.

7. Disqus Comment System

Disqus (pronounced ‘discuss’), is one of the most popular comment tools out there. This plugin is interactive and easy to use, thus allowing you to build vibrant communities on your blog. It comes with features such as notifications by email, full spam filtering, subscribe and RSS options, threaded comments, social mentions and aggregated comments.

8. Facebook Comments

This plugin enables people to submit comments on your blog from their Facebook profiles. They can do this either using the default WordPress commenting form or while logged into their Facebook accounts.

9. Comment Rating

This plugin allows your visitors to participate in moderation by giving comments either thumbs up or a thumbs down. Comments that receive a favorable rating are then highlighted to make them more visible. To avoid voting fraud, votes are counted according to the IP address.

10. Birdo Twitter Comments

This awesome comment plugin allows you to integrate Twitter with your WordPress site. When visitors want to leave a comment, they are required to first authenticate using their Twitter account. When this is done, the comment appears on your site and your visitor’s Twitter page. This gives you the opportunity to get even more exposure on this social network, as well as boost your SEO.

Installing any of these WordPress comment plugins can significantly enhance the experience of your readers and potentially increase traffic to your site. Why not see which one works best for you?




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