Top 10 Worst Cities in the World to Live in - 2014

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1. Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
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• Ranking (out of 140) 131 • Overall rating (100= ideal) 45.9 • Stability 30 • Healthcare 45.8 • Culture and Environment 54.2 • Education 50 • Infrastructure 53.6

Companies will often pay a premium to employees who are posted to cities or countries where living conditions are difficult. To make it easier to assess countries based on their living conditions, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) publishes ‘liveability scores’ of up to 140 cities and countries, in its the well-respected ‘Liveability Index’. The index crunches 30 “qualitative and quantitative” indicators across five, key, weighted categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, infrastructure and education resources. A total of 140 cities are included in the analysis.

How the Liveability Index is calculated – in brief

The Liveability Index score is arrived at by using the category weights, which are then subdivided equally into relevant subcategories or indicators, to make sure that the score incorporates as many indicators as possible. An example of an indicator under the stability category is: “prevalence of petty crime”. These are each weighted to produce a score – a score of 1 means  “intolerable” and a maximum score of 100 means  “ideal”. Qualitative variables are given an “EIU rating” based on the opinions of experts (source: Liveability index).

The EIU has proposed suggested employee allowances based on a city’s rating. These are summarised below. Bear in mind, though, that allowances are at the discretion of an employer.



Few challenges to living standards. Recommended employee allowance = 0%


Some aspects of life may be challenging.

Recommended employee allowance = 5%


Everyday life is impacted by the negative factors

Recommended allowance – 10%


Living standards are highly constrained

Recommended allowance = 15%

50 or less

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Most aspects of day to day life are highly restricted

Recommended allowance = 20%

Have a look at the slide show to see which are the worst cities, according to the index, have the worst for living standards.




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