Top 10 Worst TV and Movie Bosses

Every television show and blockbuster movie has a bad guy or an evil character. Sometimes it’s the villain who is trying to take over the world and destroy a beloved superhero. Sometimes it’s an evil corporation trying to stop the spy from uncovering and bringing down their wicked activities. Sometimes it’s an intelligent hacker who the FBI is trying to stop before he wreaks havoc with the cyber world. Other times the bad guy isn’t so sinister. In some cases the bad guy is simply a terrible boss who is not set upon destroying the world, he is simply set upon destroying his employees’ lives. Here is a list of ten bosses from TV shows and movies that made us want to get up and slap them through our screens.

1. Nigel Wick - The Drew Carey Show

Nigel Wick
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Nigel Wick represents that boss that seems to forget he is in a workplace and doesn’t know how to censor his comments. Mr Wick isn’t afraid to dish out sarcastic and totally inappropriate lines as he sees fit. His dodgy character is complemented by his past; once a cocaine addict who was forced into rehab. His methods of firing people are controversial to say the least, as he chooses who to let go simply based on their name. If your surname is Johnson you are out the door!  

2. Gregory House – House

House MD

Sure he might be a problem-solving intellectual genius. However that doesn’t give anyone an excuse to constantly belittle their employees and treat them like minions. Of course House wouldn’t agree as he seems to believe that that’s precisely his job. Unfortunately, as he is nothing short of a genius there’s almost nothing to say to out-manoeuvre him or outwit him.  He always manages to be at least three steps ahead. He might seem harmless at first, but don’t be fooled by the limp, the cane and his brief moments of empathy. This is one boss who is smarter than you and who is most definitely aware of it.

3. Don Draper - Mad Men

Don Draper

This is one boss who might not seem so bad at first. That’s because he is surrounded by two other less than brilliant bosses by the names of Bert Cooper and Roger Sterling. Compared to them he seems to be more reasonable. He also has some likeable moments and his looks surely don’t hurt. However there are things about him that make him less than impressive. For example, he likes to get drunk in his office and disappear for long periods of time. Not exactly the qualities of a good leader. He also tends to sleep with his secretaries and there was that once that he even made Peggy work late on her birthday.

4. John Milton – The Devil’s Advocate

Devil's Advocate

Most of us joke about our boss wanting our soul when we have to spend weeks slugging out long hours at work. Be thankful however that your boss isn’t actually the devil like John Milton. Sure sometimes we have to put up with bosses who like to throw fits and tantrums when things don’t work as they think they should, but, at least, we haven’t literally had to sell our souls to keep our job. The amount of evil, sleaziness and vulgarity that pours out of this character will make you want to give your boss a massive hug next time you see him.

5. Bob Kelso – Scrubs

Dr Kelso

We like to think that our bosses are those that care the most about their jobs. That should be why they worked so hard to get there after all. It should mean more to them than just the paycheck. This is particularly so if they’re doctors. Well, that’s not the way things work for Bob Kelso. He seems to think he was put where he is so he could rake in the dollar bills. Kelso has less empathy than a rock and regularly dishes out lines like ‘it’s not my job to care’. On the one hand he might not be degrading you or blowing up in your face like most of the bosses on this list, but on the other hand having someone in charge who so blatantly couldn’t care less about their job can bring out a whole different level of frustration.

6. Montgomery Burns – The Simpsons

Mr Burns
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He might be pretty damn old but Montgomery Burns is far from harmless. Forever wanting to make more money, Mr Burns isn’t afraid to cut corners despite the fact that he works in a nuclear power plant. Don’t expect any holiday bonuses from this man. He also seems to be so consumed with making money that he is completely clueless to what is actually happening in the workplace. How else would Homer still have a job there? He might not seem so bad, but then again that’s probably because we look at most things through Homer’s eyes. Imagine if you actually had to work productively with this guy?

7. Bill Lumbergh – Office Space

Office Space

A typical lazy and annoying boss taken to the next level. Bill Lumbergh seems to think his job involves him doing absolutely nothing other than ordering his employees around. He’ll be watching over you all day long, he’ll constantly ask you ‘what’s happening?’ and he will not hesitate to ask you to work on weekends. However, he never seems to lift a finger himself. He’s a boss that will make you quickly hate your job no matter how much you thought you loved it when you started. We’re sure his employees have to resist the urge to punch Lumbergh every time they come back to their desks to find another pointless post-it note.

8. John Ammer – Click

David Hasselhoff
Popcorn Reel

This guy represents that boss who will happily take advantage of you any chance they get. John Ammer seems to treat his employees, and in particular Adam Sandler’s character Michael Newman, like slaves. He seems to think that anyone who works for him has no personal life and that they only have their work. The beauty of this film is that it doesn’t only show you a boss you could really hate, but it also plays out those fantasies you’ve probably had while sitting at your desk -you know the ones where you get up and slap some sense into your boss, or fart in their face.

9. Julia – Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses Julia

She embodies the type of boss that always manages to make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Usually we just get a bad vibe from our bosses, but Julia manages to bring that up a few notches. This dentist loves to constantly sexually harass her assistant Dale. Despite the fact that she’s a bit of a babe, poor Dale manages to resist her. However the real life subject matter this movie raises is no laughing matter.

10. Margaret Tate – The Proposal

Sandra Bullock
The Proposal

Maybe people have joked saying that you and your boss fight like a married couple, but imagine having to actually be married to them. Even worse, imagine being forced to marry them. That’s what happened to Andrew Paxton in The Proposal -after running into some trouble, workaholic Margaret Tate forces her hardworking assistant to marry her. Your boss might have asked a lot of you, but be thankful that they’ve never ask you to marry them.

If you ever have one of those days where you just can’t stand your boss take a second to breathe in deep and reflect on this list. Just know it could be worse.

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