Top 11 Careers for People with a Good Memory

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We like to joke that as we get older our memory gets much worse. But there are some of us who have amazing memories – sometimes even photographic memories. We may think that our ability to remember information is unnecessary in the digital age since we can literally Google anything, but if you pick the right career then this skill can prove to be invaluable. Here are the top eleven careers for people with a good memory.

11. Server

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Sure, sometimes waiters and waitresses write down your order in that tiny little notebook that they carry around – but you don’t see that too often. Being a waitress definitely requires a good memory. You need to not only remember orders and substitutions (salad instead of fries, whole wheat instead of white toast) but who ordered what at what table. If you think that having a good memory has nothing to do with working in the food services industry, then picture this scenario: you’re waiting on a table of five, each asking for special substitutions, each changing their order a bunch of times. You figure it doesn’t really matter if you remember every detail so you just bring out a bunch of different meals. How does that go over? Not well, right? Do you believe me now? If you can rely on your memory, being a waitress or waiter will be a piece of cake for you.

10. Perfomer

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If your dream job is being a singer, dancer or actor, then you’re in luck, because you definitely need a stellar memory for these creative professions. You need to remember song lyrics. You need to remember choreography. You need to remember lines of dialogue. These jobs may seem fun but they’re basically an endless stream of memorizing. So if your memory sucks, then you might need to find a new career. But if your memory is excellent, then this might be the right path for you.

9. Teacher

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Growing up, you probably didn’t give much thought to your teachers beyond whether they seemed nice or mean (and today you do the same with your boss). But teaching is one career that definitely demands a good memory. You can’t exactly stand at the front of your classroom and read your entire lesson plan. When you think about it, teachers demand tons of respect because that’s a pretty tough job, and they have to memorize a lot.

8. Lawyer

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Have you ever wondered how lawyers seem to know so much information? This is one career that you will definitely excel in if you have an awesome memory. You have to remember the details of your clients’ cases if you’re speaking in court and negotiating on their behalf. You also have to remember tons of past cases and precedents. You basically must have this information stored away in your brain because if you’re in the middle of court, there’s zero time to stop and Google or grab an old legal textbook. It’s all you and your brain.

7. Journalist


You definitely need to have a good memory to be successful in the field of journalism, especially given the fact that it’s a super competitive industry. If you’re a news reporter or even a magazine feature writer, you need to rely on your strong memory to recall facts at the drop of a hat. A good memory is also crucial during interviews because you can’t exactly ask the person that you’re interviewing to just wait and hang out while you Google some facts. You want to look like you know what you’re doing and are a total professional and that involves being able to remember a lot of information.

6. Ad copywriter/exec

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If you want to work in the wonderful world of advertising, whether you dream of writing catchy slogans or want to be on the ad executive side, you definitely need to be able to rely on your memory. That’s because advertising involves a ton of pitch meetings, and I mean a ton. You need to look like you know what you’re talking about and nobody looked confident reading off of note cards. Don Draper didn’t use cue cards on Mad Men, right?

5. Fitness instructor

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If you’ve ever been to a workout class at a major gym or smaller boutique studio, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how the fitness instructors can possibly remember everything you do in the entire class. Since fitness classes are usually an hour long, that’s a lot to remember. The classes are basically choreographed the way a dance would be, and teachers need to be super on the ball about all of the moves, techniques, how long each one takes, and which songs are a cue to move on to the next section of the class.

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4. Project panager

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Project managers do just what the job title suggests – they’re in charge of projects and have to be super organized. Basically, when it comes to a job that involves a lot of organization, you better have an excellent memory or you’re asking for trouble.

3. Writer

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You may not think that being a writer automatically requires a good memory, but think about how many deadlines, plots and characters a writer has to deal with on a daily basis. Whatever kind of writing you do, from freelance blogs and articles to feature stories to novels or non-fiction books, you will help yourself out a lot if you have a good memory.

2. Politician


Whether you dream of being President someday (hey, it could happen) or you want to be involved in politics in your city or town at the local level, you definitely need a pretty awesome memory to do so. You need to be super on the ball when it comes to political rules, laws and facts, not to mention being able to remember all of your campaign promises if it’s an election season.

1. Talk show host

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If you dream of fame and fortune, then being a talk show host could be a good career for you – and you will be extra successful if you have a good memory. You will have to memorize your talking points for the show and any interview questions for your guests. You will get pretty embarrassed pretty quickly if you stammer and stumble and can’t recall anything that you were supposed to say, so this is definitely one of those jobs that goes a lot smoother if you have a good memory.

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Do you have an incredible memory? Can you remember small and insignificant details from your past, weird things that people tell you, people’s faces and names? Can you remember every single fact you’ve ever learned? If this describes you, then congrats. It’s a pretty amazing thing in this modern, iPhone and Google obsessed world to be able to have a strong memory. Now you know the top jobs that you can get with a good memory. So what are you waiting for? Your next career change awaits.