Top 12 Most Prestigious Management Consulting Firms In 2014

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Choosing a management consulting firm is one of the most important choices for applicants who are seeking a rewarding career. With so many up and coming firms in the past decade alone, it may be difficult to pick one from the long list.

In this article, I have compiled the best management consulting firms to monitor in 2014 based on factors related to internal work culture, employee well-being, promotional qualities and status. This can provide individuals with a well-rounded perspective and non-bias approach of the industry.

1. McKinsey & Company

The first on the list is McKinsey & Company. The prestigious consulting firm currently serves over 90 percent of the leading 100 corporations globally. Despite the popularity of the company, their lists of clients are kept secret from the public. With roughly 100 stations or offices in 60 countries (and recent advancements in Mainland China), McKinsey & Company shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Bain & Company

Not far from the top is Bain & Company. The consulting firm offers a wide range of specialties including Information Technology (IT), Private Equity and Strategy. On behalf of almost 75 percent of the equity capital worldwide, the company has successfully worked with over half of the Global 500. Big name clients such as Ford, Charles Schwab and Starbucks actively seek the advice of Bain & Company due to their reliable consulting services.

3. The Boston Consulting Group Inc.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is considered to be one of the most successful private companies in the United States. Not to be mistaken for a local firm, BCG boasts 78 offices in 43 different countries. Notable leaders who came from BCG include Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Indra Nooyi (Pepsi CEO) and Sally Blount (dean of the Kellogg School of Management).

4. Booz & Company

Booz & Company received large amounts of attention from the media in 2013 due to the proposed merger with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The consulting firm provides its services to the following industries: automotive, energy and utilities, industrials and media and entertainment. The firm’s future still remains strong, with ongoing talks behind closed doors about the highly anticipated merger.

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the companies on the list that goes beyond consulting. As a result, the firm is able to exceedingly meet the needs of their clients. When it comes to their services, PwC heavily focuses on human resources effectiveness, organizational strategy, and risk mitigation and crisis management.

6. Oliver Wyman

Part of the Marsh & McLennan Companies, Oliver Wyman is known for working with big brands and global affiliates. The consulting firm extends their practice to the following sectors: Communications, Media & Technology, Health & Life Sciences, Business Transformation and Retail & Consumer Products.

7. Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte Consulting has several branches spread across the world. The company assists businesses in effective branding through making an impact, and forming strategies. Deloitte has won a handful of notable awards such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Best Places to Launch a Career.

8. The Parthenon Group

The Parthenon Group is a consulting firm that focuses on business strategy and organization. With a total of 250 consultants in major cities such as San Francisco, London and Mumbai, the tightly knit company is able to supersede the expectations of today’s leading industries.

9. A.T. Kearney

One of the oldest management consulting firm on the list is A.T. Kearney. Established by Andrew Thomas Kearney in the 1930s, the company has developed its practice to address CEO-related issues. The industries A.T. Kearney’s services fall under are the following: Financial Institutions, Aerospace & Defense, Metals and Mining, and Public Sector.

10. Accenture

With over 257,000 employees worldwide, Accenture drives its services in the field of Information Technology. A large part of the consulting firm’s success is their ability to provide effective advice in the following uncommon practices: Cloud Service, Smart Grid, Talent and Organizational Performance, and Business Process Management.

11. Analysis Group Inc.

As the name of the firm suggests, the Analysis Group greatly incorporates the use of analytics into their practice. The company’s main focuses are financial, economic and business organization and strategy.

12. L.E.K. Consulting

L.E.K. Consulting is a management consulting firm that has a wide range of clients from aviation and travel, to biopharma and life sciences. Strategy is the foundation of the company’s consulting practice. The company promotes both social and environmental responsibility through a series of programs and charitable projects.

Consistent Growth, New Faces

2014 looks to be a bright year for the consulting industry, as new firms such as The Parthenon Group and Insight Sourcing Group emerge as strong contenders in the list. The “Big 4” consulting firms still continues to dominate the rankings, taking the industry to new heights.


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