Top 3 Outlets Where Millennials Get Their News

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The Media Insight Project conducted a survey of 1,046 young adults, aged 18 – 35 from January 5th through February 5th this year. The survey was entitled “The Personal News Cycle” and was part of an initiative by The American Press Institute and The Associated Press to ascertain where millennials are obtaining news about current events. This article will address the top 3 outlets where these young professionals are getting their news.

1. Social Media Sites

According to the survey, two-thirds of those surveyed claim that they regularly receive their news several times each day on a social networking site. Many young professionals utilize social media to read about “softer” news stories. Of those surveyed, 61% gain access to the news by simply “bumping into” such content while surfing the Internet and scrolling through social media newsfeeds.

Facebook – Since Facebook’s founding in 2004, this social media outlet has seen a vast increase in users. This platform has quickly become a vital avenue for sharing, not only personal updates, but also current media news stories. Millennials have utilized this avenue to connect with other young professionals and discuss what’s happening in our world today.

Twitter – With massive amounts of tweets posted every second, millennials have an opportunity to follow celebrities, news media outlets, and people making an impact in today’s society. The “Trends” listing provides easy access for users to see what’s trending on the social media platform and then to interact by sharing, retweeting and commenting.

YouTube – This video sharing website was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees and in 2006 the company was purchased by Google. Many YouTube sensations, like fashion mogul Bethany Moto, have risen to great popularity through posting videos to this website.

Tumblr – This social media platform is owned by Yahoo and was created to be a microblogging networking site. Users can post multimedia and other content to the short-form blog format.

Reddit – This online platform is based on entertainment, social networking and news. Members of the community are able to submit content to the site such as text posts or direct links to other online content, like news articles.

Instagram – Members of this online platform can post photos or videos for others to view and have people follow your postings. This social networking site has become a quick, easy and fun way for millennials to share their lives with friends and family members.

2. New Digital Media Outlets

Additionally, millennials are also gaining access to hard news stories through newer digital media outlets.

BuzzFeed – Founded in 2006, BuzzFeed has become one of the highest rated social content sharing sites online. Users can find a variety of shareable content to pass along to their friends.

Elite Daily – Millennials created this premier online news platform for other millennials. It has become a leading source of breaking news and entertainment that is of interest to the millennial generation.

Gawker – This online media company is essentially a blog network. It is currently considered one of the most well-known, visible and successful blogs on the internet.

Upworthy – Elie Pariser started this website in 2012. The purpose of this website is to provide viral content which is “awesome” “meaningful” and “visual” that appeals to millennials.

3. Traditional Media Outlets

The survey found that some of these young professionals do seek out the “harder” news stories from more traditional outlets. However, only 39% of the respondents actively search out news from these traditional sources.

New York Times – The New York Times was founded in NYC in 1851. Through the ensuing years, it has won 114 Pulitzer Prizes, which is far more than any other news organization can claim. The magazine also offers digital content online and has become one of the top rated traditional media news outlets that millennials favor.

Wall Street Journal – The Wall Street Journal is published 6 days a week in NYC by Dow Jones & Co., which is a division of News Corp. This international daily newspaper provides content with a specific emphasis on economic and business news. This magazine also offers an online edition and is another favorite for young professionals who are interested in the economy and business.

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As a millennial, where do you get the top news stories of the day? Do you favor the social media sites, the newer digital media outlets or traditional media outlets? Perhaps you combine all three? Let us know below...