Top 4 Characteristics Needed for a Fashion Career

Colors, beautiful designs, big personalities and ungodly deadlines are just a few terms that define the fashion industry. An entry into the industry gives you an opportunity to experience all these and more as you explore different career opportunities. Some of the options include fashion design, merchandising, marketing, photography and journalism. Developing the following characteristics will help you pursue a career in fashion.

1. Business Skills

A successful career in fashion transcends beauty and good taste; you must have unique ideas to sell yourself and your work to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, the media and consumers. Often, you will depend on your work to wow stakeholders; however, your personality also plays a role in the success of the brand, especially in its early stages. The idea is to build a brand that calls attention to itself. For example, create a mystery around your work or emulate an art legend from the past. The fashion world is always looking for something different; your objective is to redefine the business and keep everyone anticipating your next move.

2. Artistic Flair

You need more than impeccable artistic skills and talent to pursue a long and successful career in fashion. You must learn to use different mediums and materials as they will help you explore different options. Your work should continually surprise the audience and exhibit uniqueness whether you work in design creation or marketing. Dare to think differently and explore ideas that seem too risky. Understand that you will not always receive positive feedback, but at least no one will accuse you of being mediocre, a trait that can kill your career.

3. Communication Skills

Nobody in fashion works independently. You always work in a team and depend on others to achieve your goals. Treat each of your colleagues with respect and be polite at all times, even when working under pressure. Take up communication courses to help you learn proper business etiquette in both oral and written communication. If you would rather avoid talking to people directly, create communication channels to help you exchange information, for example: text messages and emails.

4. Visual Skills

The fashion industry appeals to consumers visually. It’s either people like what they see in the shop or runway. As a designer, you create concepts in your head, visualize them on paper and share them with others to help bring your ideas to life. The accuracy of your visuals largely influences the product you give to consumers. As a fashion buyer or seller, you must understand your clients’ needs and visually translate what you see to meet their demands. You must have a keen eye for detail and a strong visual memory to succeed in any part of the fashion industry.  


The fashion industry offers lucrative and exciting opportunities for those with a passion for beautiful things. However, it is also one of the most competitive industries. Your talent helps you enter the industry, but your hard work helps you grow a successful career. You will face challenges along the way but never give up. Explore your dreams to the fullest.

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