Top 4 Most Sought After Careers for Generation Y

While employment prospects are looking up for university graduates in 2016, the job market is still incredibly tough for the people born between 1980 and 2000, also dubbed Generation Y. Less interested in financial gain and more worried about job fulfillment, members of Generation Y are generally well qualified, but attractive job prospects are lacking. There are; however, a few sectors hiring en mass and here’s our top 4 most in-demand careers for millennials.

1. Healthcare

surgeons wearing masks

Thanks to a rapidly aging population, the need for medical specialists keeps growing, and a career in healthcare offers a secure future for all new graduates out there. Surgeons may earn the most, but a career as an independent GP might be more fulfilling and leave more room for a balanced family life, and it’s an increasingly popular option for many medical students. Doctors’ appraisals provide the opportunity for career progression on a regular basis, so there is always room to evolve (and earn more if needed) as a practitioner.

Demand outweighs supply too when it comes down to medical assistants: numbers are expected to grow by 29% by 2022. While it might seem like a less interesting career to some, you’d wouldn’t risk being out of a job.

2. Engineering

eingineering students working in a lab

The healthcare and entertainment industry is reported to be looking to hire many engineers in 2016, following the need for emerging and new technologies in both sectors. With an average annual salary of $80,000  per year, this sure looks like a viable option indeed. Demand for environmental engineers is also growing, as the world grows more and more concerned with sustainability and environmental issues.

3. Software application developers

software developer

New technologies and software form part of our everyday lives and the trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Software developer careers are on the rise as demand keeps on climbing with thousands of new applications for just about everything from weight loss to driving being developed every year. This is definitely a career driven by passion, but the money isn’t too shabby either with an average salary of $90,000.

4. Sports coaching

melissa Idell is congratulated by coach
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The demand for athletic trainers is expected to increase by 30% over the next ten years, so it’s most definitely a career option to look into as the fitness craze continues to take over the world. Combining health and psychological care as well as more technical knowledge, it’s a career that can be very rewarding. You can earn up to$128,000 a year helping athletes fulfill their potential if you get the chance to coach a professional team.

Do you know of any other extremely in demand careers that we missed out? Let us know below...