Top 4 Tips For Starting A Ground Breaking Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing campaigns are projects that target smartphone users. In the past, this was limited to SMS. These days, companies now use applications, mobile-optimized websites and push notifications in order to get their message across in an efficient manner.

Mobile marketing is a relatively new strategy. There is plenty of room for innovation and creativity. One of the main reasons that businesses are launching mobile marketing campaigns is due to the personal aspects of smartphone usage.

Unlike TV commercials and fliers, mobile apps and ads can be viewed before going to bed, at work or while eating dinner. As a result, brand exposure and awareness of campaigns happen at a rapid rate.

Not sure how to start a mobile marketing campaign? Below are some useful tips that can help you get started.

4 Ways To Boost Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

1. Use geotargeting to your advantage. Irrelevant ads and content can easily turn off customers. Furthermore, promotion to the wrong or opposing demographic can spark negative feedback and comments. That's why geotargeting is a must for getting your marketing campaign out to those who are most likely able to benefit from them.

2. Incorporate a call to action. Successful mobile campaigns are ones that go beyond fancy displays and graphics. Companies do this by crossing platforms together. For example, a great marketing strategy is providing coupons for customers via mobile. The hook is that the coupon has to be redeemed in the store, persuading customers to buy other products along the way.

3. Monitor your campaign using analytics. Businesses use a compilation of data to minimize risks related to low exposure and engagement. It is also recommended to continue the process by monitoring the campaign using real-time analytics. A/B testing is highly applicable for this type of marketing strategy. Additionally, you can quickly adjust to the needs of customers as needed, changing the direction of an ineffective campaign.

4. Use social media. Social media is a very powerful tool that can be integrated with a mobile campaign. This is because social media platforms such as Twitter and StumbleUpon are used on the go. Mobile campaigns generally target the same type of customer lifestyle; therefore, it only makes sense that these two elements go together.

Companies That Have Set The Standard For Mobile Campaigns

Taco Bell: Taco Bell’s “Happier Hour” campaign is flawless. It is designed to promote a deal that customers can avail between 2-5pm. The campaign is persistent by allowing customers to set a reminder of the deal in their calendar. It also triggers a notification if the user is around a Taco Bell branch. Alternatively, the campaign encourages the customer to invite his or her friends for more company.

Pinkberry: In the past, the company’s campaign used mobile coupons to encourage customers to go to the nearest branch and buy their product. With hopes to increase convenience, the campaign also provided GPS maps, guiding customers to the nearest Pinkberry in their area.

The Locket App: The mobile app is designed to showcase events based on the customer’s location. Users can easily swipe the screen if they want to view the next ad. Getting more information about the promoted product is as simple as tapping the ad. Individuals also receive notifications for new promotions and newly launched events.

To conclude, mobile marketing campaigns that are creative and easy to follow can generate successful results for your business. One of the most essential elements of a mobile strategy is GPS or geotargeting. Because of this, it is best not to leave out this fundamental feature from your campaign. Good luck!

How can you cater to the needs of your customers through their mobile devices? Let us know what you think.





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