Top 5 Applications For Controlling Your Battery Life

Would you like your smartphone or tablet to have a longer operating time? Don’t tell me, I know the answer. Nowadays, the number of applications that use system and CPU resources is increasing (thus devouring energy faster and faster), and every year smartphone screens are becoming bigger (requiring more battery power).  

Now many phones have special settings that allow you to turn off almost everything in an attempt to “squeeze” a few more minutes of work while battery power is low. Unfortunately, it is still very far from perfect and not always effective.

However, there are applications that solve most of the problems and increase battery life. Here is a list of five of the best applications for extending the battery life of Android OS.

  • Juice Defender

Available in free and paid versions with enough features to satisfy everyone’s needs. The Free client allows you to manage basic components such as mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also boasts two preset modes: “aggressive” and “balanced”, which can be selected and allow you to plan your background synchronization. You can also specify which applications have permission to keep your screen on.

In addition to the free version of the application, Juice Defender is also available in a Plus and maximum version for ($1.99) and ($4.99) respectively. Version Plus adds two modes: “Extreme” and “Manual”, Wi-Fi positioning, as well as the ability to plan the night hours. Maximum version boasts settings for peak hours and weekends, and deep self-synchronization control of GPS to provide maximum control of your battery life.

  • Battery Defender

Battery Defender is one of the most multifunctional apps in the Play Market and it’s also free.

Battery Defender provides quick and easy access to GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth. This option allows you to quickly and easily turn off unwanted connections. Nowadays, these kinds of options are already available in many smartphones running on Android, but old or budget models are not so lucky.

Features that users will appreciate are the so called «Genius Scan», which allows you to sync every 15 minutes. As well as the «quiet sleeping» mode that disables Wi-Fi and data transmission at night time. These features are very useful, as it saves battery life and can also help improve your sleep.

  • Go Power Master Battery Saver

This is an extremely flexible app created by the Go Dev Team. With a simple tap on the screen, you can switch between preset modes, making it easy to move from reading your emails, to the gaming mode during your lunch break.

Go Power Master Battery Saver keeps track of your applications and determines which consume more than others. Afterwards, the application can show the user which features you can turn on or off in order to prolong battery life.

The Premium Pack, available through the built-purchase for $4.99, removes the adverts and adds the possibility of planning. It also gives you better control over your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CPU, as well as adding a third «extreme» mode.

Autorun Manager is an app that allows you to define which applications to run when you turn on your phone. The application has two modes: basic and advanced, which costs ($3,99). Selected applications in basic mode will be terminated immediately when the phone reboots, and some of them will be launched after a complete download. As for the advanced mode, you will find much more control over settings, options, services and system events. However, it should be noted that the advanced mode is only for experienced users who have rooted phones. Unless a phone is rooted many of the advanced settings will not work.

Tasker allows you to set the phone to disable connections at specific times i.e. when you are sleeping. It is not just limited to that though as it allows you to set a schedule and even bind settings to a specific location, which will be extremely useful for people who have a strict timetable. For example, you could set your connections to turn off when you enter a meeting room or the office.

It will take some time, to understand the whole functionality of the program, but when you really get to understand this application it can be your best friend. And at ($2.99) it is hardly expensive.

These apps can be really helpful in your everyday life. Use them in the way that works best for you and see your battery life and productivity increase dramatically.


Image Source: AndroidInsider