Top 5 Apps for Job Seekers in Australia

Any recent graduate, current jobseeker or someone looking for a career change will know about the dreaded job search. It can be relentless and unrewarding, and it often feels like you aren’t on the right track. 

Now, you can be. Smartphones really are amazing things, and with technology introducing us to tablets, apps and everything in between, your job search just got so much more convenient!

Whether you are considering making the move to or already live in the Land Down Under, check out the top five apps to help you find a job or a career in Australia, and please – don’t give up. Good things are coming!

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If you are looking for a job in Australia, SEEK is the best place to start.

Their mobile, tablet, and Android apps complement their website, and it is the perfect solution for looking for jobs on the go. With SEEK’s account feature, you can add a current résumé and work history, allowing you to easily apply for jobs as they appear. Having an account also allows you to save time by using the favourite search tool, shortlist any jobs that interest you, and see exactly how many jobs are waiting for you.

With excellent category searches to narrow down your options and the ability to save different categories and locations, SEEK is a must-have app for anyone looking for a career change or a new job.

2. LinkedIn Job Search

If you are a serious jobseeker, chances are you’ll have LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, and this is one of the most important things to be throwing yourself into if you are on the hunt for a job. The masterminds behind this social media app have just launched another one which is job search specific.

LinkedIn Job Search is a must-have app for people who have completed their profiles and are looking for ways to utilise their electronic résumé. The app is a branch of the original LinkedIn, and allows you to use job titles and locations to search for companies that have jobs advertised. You can save jobs to apply for later, apply online through submitting a résumé and cover letter, or apply straight away using your profile – it’s as easy as that!

3. Australian JobSearch

Another great app is Australian JobSearch. The beauty of this app is that it is created and funded by the Australian Government with the view to get as many people into jobs as possible, so it is very easy to use! You can use location, occupations and keywords to search for jobs, and store résumés and cover letters, appointments, and your progress reports on the app.

Perhaps the greatest feature is the ability to contact an employment service provider through the app, meaning you can get all the help you need in looking for work with the touch of a button!

4. CareerMe

What about if you are looking for more than just work? What if you are looking for a career?

CareerMe has got you covered. This amazing little app has a wealth of information, helping you get on your way if you have no idea where to start. By simply searching an occupation, you can view industry profiles, job descriptions, requirements for education and training, where you can get these qualifications, current skills shortages, and of course the current vacancies in the industry! It’s a full service, one stop career shop – definitely a must-have!

5. Airtasker

What about when you’ve just graduated and you need a job, while you look for your real job? Yep, there’s an app for that, too.

job search
job search

Airtasker to the rescue! This app/website is an online marketplace for outsourcing tasks. With categories ranging from cleaning, handymen, deliveries, business assistance, IT, and events, there is something suited to everyone.

In partnership with another great Australian job search website, CareerOne, Airtasker allows people to search for tasks using locations and categories, apply for the task, and make an offer. If your offer is successful and you complete the task to a high standard, you can get reviewed. Good reviews equal more tasks!

The beauty of it is you can apply for whatever tasks you like whenever it suits you, and it’s completely free to join!

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As all the above apps are available for free, job searching in Australia has never been so productive!

At times, it may seem like your efforts are wasted, but through using all the resources that you have available to you, doing your research, persevering and putting your best foot forward – you will find yourself in a fitting role eventually.

Great things take time – all the best on your Australian job search endeavour!