Top 5 Apps for the Resourceful Recruiter


A resourceful recruiter knows how to navigate online in order to find the most talented prospect for the specific employment position which is available. There are several different characteristics that make a recruiter resourceful, such as having excellent communication skills, as well as being target-focused. Skillmeter shares 15 qualities recruiters need in order to be successfully resourceful. In addition to these character-based qualities, a recruiter in today’s current workplace environment should consider utilizing these top five apps as described in this article.

1. HireVue

This app is available for users on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and it provides an excellent resource for recruiters in regard to cultivating the mobile interview experience. Prospective job candidates are able to respond to “on demand” interviews from their mobile devices. It’s a win-win situation for both recruiter and candidate since no actual interview needs to be scheduled or physically attended. Recruiters are able to create interview questions that are specifically crafted to the current employment position and then forwarded to the candidate. One unique aspect is that the candidate can respond to the questions via video and then send that back to the recruiter for review. A recruiter is then able to utilize this video interview to send to the prospective employer.

2. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is an app that allows the user to track an applicant through a mobile device. For example, a recruiter would invite a candidate to submit his or her résumé digitally and the data will be received instantly via the app. It is a time-saving resource which helps recruiters review prospective candidates in a quick and efficient manner. The app is available on various platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

3. Evernote

Evernote is another effective tool for the resourceful recruiter because it enables the user to have three basic factors for productivity: writingorganization, and collection. Recruiters can utilize the app to keep lists for various projects or networking efforts they are working on. The recruiter can be more focused and effective. Additionally, users can easily access saved documents, images and writing. The app utilizes a powerful search discovery tool so that the desired information is easily found. Useful web articles, handwritten notes and snapshots of current projects can be captured in the tool for storage and easy access in one place.

4. LinkedIn

One of the major users of the LinkedIn mobile app are recruiters because it is like a “one-stop” shopping experience for locating qualified candidates for various employment positions they are trying to fill. This app is free and is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices. The LinkedIn Recruiter app is an easy way for “on-the-go” recruiters to locate and also respond to talented candidates. The app is user-friendly and a great resource for recruiters trying to locate new talent while attending networking conferences and career fairs. Recruiters can also access candidates’ profiles directly through the app on their mobile device and then contact viable prospects.

5. TalentBin

TalentBin is a people-oriented search engine which launched a mobile app that makes a recruiter’s job much easier. The basic goal of the app is to search throughout a prospective job candidate’s data on all social media and professional networking sites like FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+, and showcase the compilation of the results in one single profile.

Recruiters have an important job of searching for the ideal, talented candidate for the employment position they are looking to fill. Utilizing the various apps as detailed in this article can assist in making the task easier. If you’re a recruiter, what apps have you used to make your job easier?