Top 5 Benefits of Long Term Travel

If you’re lucky enough to have a career that enables you to travel long-term without worrying about a family or obligations at home, you know that there are certain benefits to long-term travel that make the airport visits and hotel stays all worthwhile. You travel to some of the coolest parts of the world, immerse yourself in a different culture and language and meet a wide variety of new and interesting people.

If you’re on the fence about accepting a job that requires long-term travel, or if you’re even on the fence about an extended vacation, consider the top 5 benefits to long-term travel.

1. Engaging with new cultures

Staying in a new place for an extended amount of time obviously means you’re going to be engaging with and immersing yourself in a new culture that many people may never get the chance to experience. You’ll try new types of foods, see different types of fashion, experience different traditions (and often holidays) and see how other countries bloom from season to season. 

2. Meeting new people

Meeting new people on your extended stay is a great way to add some life and excitement. Make friends so you can go out and see the smaller, less-traveled roads, which often include some of the best restaurants and sights that other tourists are often not even aware of.

Meeting new people also means experiencing someone else’s daily life and beliefs, which can change your whole perspective.

3. Learning different languages

Learning different languages is tough when you don’t hear or read that language every day. Trying to learn a new language at home can take years, but you may find that learning new languages through your travels can only take a few months as you engage in conversations and navigate through the cities. It takes a lot less time to learn a language when you’re constantly surrounded by it.

4. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

Not many people have the chance to visit other countries, much less stay for months at a time. Many people who travel long term get to see sights and experience cultures that some may not ever get to see. Look at your opportunity of long-term travel as an opportunity to really see the world and make memories that can last a lifetime.

5. Long-term is more relaxing than short-term

Short-term travel is far more stressful than long-term. Short-term travel requires frequent airport visits, which are a little more spread out over long-term. You aren’t feeling as rushed to see and do things around the city or country, and you have more time to really enjoy the area. Plus, long-term travel often means you can opt to rent an apartment or vacation house rather than have to spend time in a hotel room, which can often be isolating and boring. 

If you’re looking at an opportunity to travel on the long-term, there’s no reason to let the chance pass you by. Remember that you’ll see and do things that many people will never get to experience!

Image: Travel, by Moyan Brenn, via Flickr