Top 5 Career Options for Veterans

After having a military career it is difficult for many veterans to re-establish themselves in the workforce. These individuals are used to a structured lifestyle, by following direct orders. This adaptation takes time and patience on sides, the veteran and the potential employer. The best way to find out what career you belong in after leaving the military is to ponder your strengths and interests.


1. Police Officer

Veterans are protectors. Working in law enforcement is a good option for those that have not suffered any Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. This career is stressful but it is also rewarding. Protecting and serving the public is something you signed on for when joining the military, and for those that respect those words, being a police officer helps them maintain a career that they will love and advance in.

2. Security Patrol

If you are a bit uncomfortable in law enforcement, working a position with a security patrol company is another option. This is a safer and less stressful career option. Not all security positions are armed, so if you are uncomfortable working with weapons due to happenings while serving in the military, consider this option. It is no less important as businesses, consumers and the general public need to be safe at all times.

Some of these positions are merely dressing as a plain clothed person that watches security cameras or walks through a store watching for shoplifters.

3. Counselor

A very rewarding career option is a mental health counselor. Now, in this field, there are dozens of different options. You could remain semi-active in the military by serving as a counselor for other veterans transitioning back to life as a civilian. The opportunity to work with children that have mental conditions such as depression or anger issues is another option.

This type of career has a lot of value and meaning. At the end of each day, you go home to your family knowing that you helped someone. Sometimes this means that you’ve saved a life.

4. IT Specialists

Working in an IT specialist position means that you get to work with technology. The world of technology is always advancing and the opportunity to learn something new always exists. Not to mention, this is a career option that is always in demand. Consider working in a specific IT niche that you can specialize in, which makes you more in-demand as an IT specialist.

Working in IT does not just mean computers, there are several categories in IT including architecture program development, server development, medical equipment management and dozens of others. Look for a specific area that interests you and begin the training to make this a rewarding career.

5. Specialized Mechanics

In the military it is likely that you will learn some skills in mechanics. You may even find that you’re really good at it. Consider a career as a specialized mechanics. There is always a need for mechanics, especially in aviation and diesel engines. The varying specialties here give you options to work in an industry that you will be successful in. You have freedom, can get into a project and perhaps, develop some new methods.

The transition from a military career to a civilian career does not have to be difficult. It simply requires you taking some time to decide what you really enjoy. There are grants and funding opportunities through the military for veterans to retrain and learn a new skill. This helps retired or discharged veterans to get the education they need to succeed and stay active. Remaining stagnant after leaving the military for a period of time leaves many veterans feeling stale and confused regarding their status in society.


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