Top 5 Career Trend Predictions for 2014

The world of work has already seen rapid changes in previous years and these transformations are expected to pave the way for new trends that will dictate our careers in 2014. Experts suggest that the advancement of technology, the ever-changing needs of the global job market and the economic situation in the developed world will inevitably determine how the career world will be in 2014.

I have collected different useful insights that will help you understand how the world of work will look like in 2014.

1. The Focus of Job Interviews Will Change

So far, a job interview has been seen as an opportunity for a hiring manager to primarily figure out whether a candidate can do the job or not. Recent findings by the senior vice president of people operations at Google, Laszlo Bock, suggest that employers are more concerned with candidates’ problem-solving skills; that is their overall ability to solve the company’s problems. Consequently, they increasingly resort to behavioural interviews to measure candidates’ ability to tackle real-world problems. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years and employers will be less likely interested in data such as G.P.A.’s or test results when assessing job candidates.

2. Social Media Recruitment Will Increase

Social media is increasingly gaining ground in terms of recruiting employees and so will do in 2014. In the UK, a report suggests that 71% of British recruiters and HR managers are using social media to hire staff, while in the U.S. the same trend amounted to 73% according to an infographic provided by Whether LinkedIn will take over traditional forms of recruiting such as classifieds in local paper, advertising agencies or vacancy announcements on public locations is debatable. But certainly, in 2014 we will see emerging platforms and programs that are dedicated exclusively to HR and recruiting. On top of this, HR solutions will become more data-focused and will translate work-related behaviours into quantitative indicators of individual, team and organisational performance. This in turn, would help recruiters find the best candidates for each job and improve their capacity for enhancing employees’ performance.  

3. Writing for Top-tier Blogs Will Become a Necessity

What’s more, writing as an expert in your field on big media/industry blogs will become critical for success and a must for personal development in 2014. It’s not enough that clients, coworkers and friends know you are good at your job. You have to create a brand that expresses that to the rest of the world as well.  You’ve got to inspire and influence other people with your own creative ideas that will bring significant change in their life.  Many smaller media platforms targeting narrow niches are expected to arise. Use one of these as an opportunity to provide thought leadership and not just for producing content for the sake of being seen as a content producer.

To help you get started, here are some useful hints on writing for a blog or a website.

4. You Will Start Your Own Business

Entrepreneurship will further evolve and become the silver bullet for chronic problems like youth unemployment. As jobs become harder to find, 30% of British young people believe that they can be self-employed in the future, while 25% believe they can be their own boss within the next five years, according to research by The Prince’s Trust and RBS. Furthermore, YouGov poll found that 43% of young people have already made money from entrepreneurial activity, such as selling a product they have made or working as freelancers, and more than half hope to do so in the future.

With these trends in mind, entrepreneurship will become the vehicle to people’s needs for personal power, self-expression and income. For some people it will simply mean creating a website and beginning to experiment with various plans making money out of it.  For others, it will mean quitting their full-time job and start devoting themselves to their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Whatever your entrepreneurial plan is, make sure you follow the golden rules of entrepreneurship that will guarantee your business success.

5. Mobile IT Will Increase in Demand

The World Wide Web which was dominating over the last 10 years will move to mobile in 2014. This means that we will be applying for jobs and doing everything on mobile, as a lot of apps, ads, websites, platforms and plugins will ‘go mobile’.  Many businesses have already adopted tablets, smartphones or tablets to market, communicate, collaborate, train and innovate. What’s more, wearable devices are expected to conquer the business world.

Consequently, enterprises will in turn require specialists who can manage mobile devices, a fact that promises excellent job prospects for all those with a background in mobile technology. Michael Kirven, founder and CEO of Mondo, a leading technology resource provider, argues that “Unemployment is probably close to zero for people with high-demand skill sets – in mobile and IT technology”.

Besides that, expect many job opportunities to open from Asian-headquartered companies, especially China and India.




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