Top 5 Careers That Consist Largely of Telling Lies


Not all jobs on earth are based on rigorous ethical standards. People who work in jobs that involve persuading others are particularly prone to telling lies – to a greater or lesser degree. They tend to manipulate information in such a way so as to influence a person or a group to their own or their client’s benefit.

Inspired by a Quora thread, I have compiled a list with the top 5 careers that consist largely of telling lies:



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Politicians are notorious for telling lies and this is a strategy that helps them maximise vote and survive professionally. To put it blandly: they either lie or they lose. They usually tell people what they want to hear. And if they don’t lie they have no chances of winning an election. Those who are honest and stand up for what they really believe will hardly make it to form a government. According to reports politicians make good liars because they persuade themselves they are telling the truth. Examples range from Clinton’s denial of his affair with Monica Lewinsky as well Nixon’s claim to be innocent over the Watergate scandal.   


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If someone tells you that there is such a thing like ethical marketing, then you’re being deceived. Tell me a marketing guru who doesn’t manipulate consumers’ perceptions. Like politicians, marketing professionals have no option other than tell lies in order to achieve their ends. They would exaggerate, promising to get the best possible results, although this is unlikely to actually happen, sell misleading value propositions, broken promises, etc.



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Sir Henry Wotton once said “An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country”.  In other words, “diplomacy is the patriotic art of lying for one’s country”. Diplomats often represent their country’s policy so their job involves persuading other to see things in a way that benefits their country. Also, diplomats will not hesitate make false promises to other players to support them achieve their ambitions and then they don’t follow through.



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There’s no doubt that layers are deemed certified liars as they are trained in law schools about how to tell lies in a lawful way. Many lawyers know that their secret to success in life is the art of telling stories in a credible way to decision makers who make the final call.  In law, the truth is a standard that is not always met and winning lawyers need to constantly overcome being honest.  

Public Relations


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You don’t have to dig too far to find instances of unethical practices, propaganda and lying in the public relations industry. Let’s face it. PR practitioners are inherently partisan – they are paid to advocate a certain point of view. Put differently, they are paid to deceive and manipulate the public opinion to promote the agenda of their organisation and their clients.

Gone are the days when ethical standards were an indispensible part of professional practice. Nowadays, the more professionals encompass lies in their everyday work routine, the more they are likely to thrive. 






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