Top 5 Cities that Pay You to Live There

Yes, it’s true! Some cities will actually pay you to live there. To put it simply, slow population growth has forced many North American cities to get creative. If things continue at this rate, these cities are going to become extinct.

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That’s why they’re coming up with ways of bringing more people to the area. These range from offering tax rebates to straight up bribery.

If you’re looking for a new place to live, you may well want to consider five of these cities.

1. Detroit, Michigan

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock is well aware of Detroit’s problems. They need to change the city’s reputation and get it working again.

You could purchase one of 100 garbage homes. The city will even pay you $150,000 in renovations to make the work happen. A separate programme allows college graduates to claim $2,500 in rental costs for their first year in the city. They’ve gone further and offered $20,000 in forgivable loans for people who buy a home in the city.

The only catch is you have to work for a company like Compuware.

2. Marquette, Kansas

Kansas is a haven for open space. The problem is this state has suffered from a declining population since the 1990s. Towns like Marquette are now giving away free plots of land to encourage people to move here. 

In most cases, you must agree to build a family home on the land. You also have to live there for a minimum of five years.

3. Sitka, Alaska


Since 1976, Sitka in Alaska has used the Permanent Fund Reserve to encourage citizens to live there. The average pay out is about $1,250, but it does fluctuate. The only qualification you need is you can’t claim residency in any other country or state.

While it is true this is offered in all parts of Alaska, Sitka ranks in as the best place to live because they not only pay you to live there but they also reach an average high of 55 (summer temperature) and the medium home price is approximately $309,000. 

4. Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada, is a province that wants to bring in more college graduates. That’s why it’s offering $20,000 to anyone who will commit to working and living in any of this province’s cities for a minimum of seven years. The only catch is you have to have graduated after 2006.

In 2008, this program was expanded to include any graduate from anywhere in the world.

5. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine, is another city with population problems. If you need land, this city will give you 2.8 acres of land. All you have to do is create 24 jobs in the city. This land is valued at $175,000 and you must fund the deal out of your own pocket initially, but you will get a refund in full once you manage to create these 24 jobs.

The only disadvantage is you need a considerable amount of funding to generate these jobs in the first place, and it could take a while before you can actually claim the money back. When you look into this, this isn’t an option for the faint-hearted.

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We’ve picked out five diverse programmes for you to work with. It’s vital that you look through the various requirements before you commit to anything. Do things the right way and there’s no reason why you can’t make a new life for yourself in a stunning new location somewhere in the world.

Before you decide on what you want to do, inspect the area and see if you really want to live there. All of these programmes demand some kind of living commitment. You don’t want to be stuck in a place you hate for five years!

If you had the chance to live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why? Comment below and let us know.