Top 5 Cities With The Most Billionaires

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Ever wonder where the billionaires of the world choose to settle down and call home? While some decide to get away from it all and live in modest rural areas, Forbes’ 2015 list confirms that most billionaires reside in 20 major financial metropolises around the globe; from Asia to Europe and the United States. While some cities come as no surprise, other places might shock you. Curious to find out which are these cities? Keep reading to find out what the top five cities with the most billionaires are. We bet you can’t guess which city is our number one.

1. New York, United States

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The city which tops the list is the Big Apple itself, New York City, with a total of 78 billionaires. Home to financial centers like the Wall Street and Silicon Alley, it’s plain to see that this iconic American metropolis has kept its appeal over the years for attracting money slinging tycoons to put down their roots and build up their empires.

2. Moscow, Russia


With only four additional billionaires keeping Moscow in the top two, it’s hard to say if the Capital of Russia can hold on to its number two spot. Moscow has an admired total of 68 billionaires , putting it only ten billionaires behind the number one city.

3. Hong Kong, China

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Surpassing London by a huge margin, Asia’s financial hub, Hong Kong, rests nicely in at number three in our top five list of billionaire cities. Flaunting a total of 64 billionaires, Hong Kong doesn’t stand too far away from the world’s second ranked billionaire city.

4. London, United Kingdom


As Europe’s financial center, it’s no surprise that London is on the number four spot of this list. Possessing a total of 46 billionaires, the capital of the United Kingdom has enough wealth to shake at the Queen. Though, with only one billionaire differentiating London from Beijing, it’s hard to say if the Old Smoke can hold onto its title.

5. Beijing, China

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Boasting a total of 45 billionaires, Beijing holds the number five spot. There’s been a recent rise in wealth among China, which has helped Beijing’s economy to boom, making it a hotspot for Billionaires who are looking to settle their empire in the Middle Kingdom. 

So there you have it, those are the top five cities with the most billionaires than you can imagine. While it’s no surprise that New York City remains the leader of this list, by sitting comfortably down at number one with 78 billionaires, the possibility of Bejing moving on and surpassing London for the number four spot, may not surprise you. With Hong Kong slowly approaching Moscow, Asia is quickly becoming one of the best continents to reside if you are a rich mogul.

If you were a billionaire, where would you want to live and why? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.