Top 5 Creepy Workplace Stories

Have you ever been at the office a little later than you would like and got that shivering feeling you are being watched? Halloween is swiftly approaching, and ghosts and ghouls don’t really care that you think of your cube as a holy sanctuary. So turn off the lights, get snuggly under the sheets and prepare to take a walk on the dark side, just don’t forget to check under the bed - you never know what could be lurking beneath.

In spirit of All Hallows, here are a few work ghost stories that will truly shake you to your core...

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1. Elise Lamb and the Cecil Hotel

Located in sunny California, the Cecil Hotel is one spot weary travelers should absolutely avoid at all costs. The dark history swirling around this once ultra glamorous 1920s hot spot, (Shining, anyone?) is truly terrifying. The list of guests includes some of the most notoriously gruesome and prolific serial killers in the U.S. including Robert Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. If murder wasn’t enough to get the dark forces churning, the Cecil has also been labeled the "suicide hotel," as many a guest have leapt to their death from its city-overlooking windows.

Elise lamb is a curious case, as no true explanation of her death has been disclosed and, according to local authorities, remains a mystery. A YouTube video recorded her last moments in detail, showing her possibly being attacked by an unknown source. After this demonic encounter, Elise Lamb was found on the hotel roof, her naked, lifeless body floating in the water tank. Though her death was officially labeled, "possible accidental drowning," L.A. authorities feel there is much more to what may have happened to Elise that night.

If you dare to watch, notice Elise at first seeming to try and avoid an unknown stalker. She presses a series of buttons in the lift to evade, yet the doors seem to keep opening. After she realizes she cannot escape, her body seems to move in an extremely unnatural way... soon after she is found dead.

Is this a case of simple suicide, or is something much more sinister at work here?

2. Spectre Doctor at Abandoned St. Thomas Hospital

Interior decorators take inspiration from many different mediums. One way to get their creative juices flowing is to investigate abandoned buildings and structures from different time periods. The only problem with that is, ghosts and specters often like to hang out in said abandoned buildings.

Jamie-Lee Brown knows what she’s getting into walking about in decrepit places, so she sometimes brings friends and a camera just in case someone, or something, makes an unwelcomed appearance.

While investigating one of Stockport’s most actively haunted locations, Brown caught an extremely rare photo of what appears to be a doctor, in full uniform, walking toward her group. The image of the specter doctor of St. Thomas Hospital is vivid and easy to spot in the photo footage. Apparently he is known to appear to visitors often, along with a "glowing" specter nurse. Brown also noted that during their 15 minute stay, her and her group heard what sounded like footsteps going up and down a set of stairs - despite the abandoned hospital having no usable staircase. Take a listen here...

3. The Sandwell Pub Ghost

This footage is pretty unbelievable, and the story behind it will make you second guess whether your cube mate or something much more sinister stole your stapler last week.

The pub owner at the Sadwell in West Bromwich was sure a patron or employee stole is iPhone, so he did what any person would, he checked the security camera to discover the culprit. But after close examination, it seems he many never see that iPhone again - hope he had insurance.

Upon close examination, you can clearly see the iPhone quickly snatched from a tabletop, but not by a drunkard or employee. The iPhone is simply there and then clearly disappears, the only catch is there is absolutely no one near the phone; in fact, the bar is completely empty.

Some believe that the previous owner, Gary Stevens, may be to blame. The only problem is Mr. Stevens died of a heart attack while working at the pub - 20 years ago.

4. Ghosts R' Us

In the U.S., Toys R’ Us is one of the most famous and trusted brick and mortar toy store chains. These stores are located in almost every city and major town across the country and they offer just about any toy imaginable; but the Toys R’ Us in Sunnyvale, California offers visitors a bit more than they may bargained for.

This store has had all types of sightings and unexplainable phenomenon, including restroom faucets being turned on and off, misty apparitions in the aisles and stock rooms, and even floating Frisbees. In some rare cases, employees have also witnessed a mysterious, scruffily dressed man rearranging toys.

The photo above was taken during a paranormal investigation of he building by famous medium Silvia Brown. Notice the figure in the top left, this is believed to be a man named John Murphy. "Crazy John" as he was known, tragically died on the land in the 1800s when he accidentally injured himself with an axe while working on his family’s farm.

5. The Ghostly Inmates of Eastern State Penitentiary

Security guards, especially those who are night watchmen often witness some of the most unexplainable phenomenon. Eastern State Jailhouse has a grim history. Erected almost 145 years ago, this now infamous prison housed some of the most diabolical characters, including the Valentine’s Day Massacre Mastermind himself, Al Capone.

Eastern state was known for its ill treatment of inmates. It was once hailed as a revolutionary facility since it was the first prison to truly isolate each inmate, making most wear hooded outfits or "masks of shame", study scripture continuously, and forbade any contact with the outside world. Some inmates later also recalled being physically tortured by being doused in water and literally hung from the walls in winter until frostbite consumed their limbs. Others were forced into the "chair of madness" Which was a chair outfitted with straps that were periodically tightened to restrict blood flow to extremities, an act which often resulted in the amputation of limbs.

Many believe this particularly cruel punishment is what created the ideal environment for tortured souls to continue to roam the cell blocks housed in Eastern State.

Cellblock 12 is reportedly one of the most active areas of this prison. Night watchmen have reported seeing full-bodied apparitions, ghostly faces looming and floating in cells, and the silhouette of a former guard in the watchtower. Footsteps, wailing, whispers, and screams are also often reported by both watchmen and visitors.

One of the most horrifying experiences was reported by Gary Johnson, a frequent visitor to the prison. Johnson was walking through cell block 4 and was grabbed and held by what he describes as a purely evil and horrific force. While incapacitated, Johnson reported seeing tortured faces appearing, one, in particular, beckoning him to the back area of the cell.

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There is no doubt the spirit world sometimes collides with our own. Some say these images and sounds are just imprints of what may have happened in a particular place in the past, others believe these specters are quite intelligent and a bit more sinister in motive. Either way, next time you’re alone at the office, and you feel that familiar chill up your spine, it might be best NOT to turn around.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had a spooky experience at work?

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