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If you are struggling to come up with the perfect name for your business, perhaps these five business name generators will be able to help you. By generating hundreds of potential name ideas, these generators can provide you with appropriate suggestions as far as it concerns naming your business.  

Online business name generators may follow different approaches, thus there are many generator types. These include random generators, input dependent generators, business specific generators and domain name generators, each one serving its own purpose. Depending on your preferences you can choose which one suits your needs best.

Check which business name generators made the list:

#1 BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz is perhaps the simplest random generator of all business name generators. It allows you to enter 1 or 2 words and hit buzz in order to find possible name ideas and check domain name availability. This type of generator gives you options without a particular focus, which can be very helpful if you feel you are stuck or uncertain about the ones you have already come up with.  Also, it allows you to create a save list of the names that you like the most.

#2 Name Thingy

Name Thingy is a domain name generator which helps you search for a name that can serve many purposes. It allows you to select a given or custom name and evaluate it in order to see if there is an available domain. Name Thingy also gives you the option to specify the type of word you are looking for in terms of length, or first and second word types.  

#3 Rhymer

Rhymer is an online business naming tool that allows you to find possible word rhymes. It can help you narrow your search results with six different rhyming types: end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double and triple rhymes, beginning rhymes and first syllable rhymes.    

#4 is an input dependent generator that generates a list of 24 to 816 possible names according to specific criteria. It allows you to search for possible names according to 11 criteria, including Greek or Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes, letters and syllables as well as rhymes for your business name.

#5 Syntext

Syntext is a random generator that helps you find a business name in just 4 steps. For step 1 you have to enter three words that relate to your business, while with step 2 you search for synonyms. Step 3 allows you to “mash the words”, so that you create a unique business name, combining two or three words. Finally, step 4 allows you to click on a domain name to see if is available.

Trying to find the right name that describes your business is definitely a difficult task, but business name generators are designed to help you. These 5 free business name generators are just a few out of many online business name generators that are available for you online. If it helps, you can also visit Worldlab to find the right name for your business using business specific generators!


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