Top 5 Gift Ideas For an Employee's Birthday

Thoughtful employers will remember workers’ birthdays and gift them when possible. It not only reminds employees that they matter, but it also says you notice them. Forbes Magazine opines that simple acts such as recognizing an employee’s birthday can increase their morale and performance. The proper gift for an employee’s birthday can vary from person to person, and identifying something appropriate and affordable can be testing. The trick is to know your employee well and get a gift that suits their personality.

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1. Family Options

Show your employee that you care by hosting them and their family for dinner. It does not have to be anything expensive. Think a pizza and coffee treat. Setting an environment that allows for easy and casual conversation can be a great way to bond with your employee and their family. Be sure not to bring your authority or work-related discussions during dinner. Doing it in your house can be an excellent way to cut cost and personalize the gift. If you are busy or do not want to intrude their space, send the family out to a restaurant, movie or a game they enjoy together.

2. Cute Collections

Birthdays are a great day to be easy on your employee and let them marinate in the attention and gifts from colleagues and family. A collection of cute little things can be a brilliant and cost-effective idea to make an employee feel special. Set a happy mood by sprucing up your employee’s desk with simple gifts such as animated pens and pencil holder, flowers, a tea invitation card, a bottle of wine or a lunch box. Since it may be too much work for you to compile a list, ask a few employees to each suggest one affordable, cute gift. This may work best because they may know their colleague’s preferences more than you do.

3. Geek Gifts

If your employee is one of the office geeks, let them enjoy some techno fun in the office by getting them cool tech and science gifts. These include comic books, techy sculptures, and storage units for their devices. Other suggestions include miniature robots, brain stress toys, fiber optic lights, solar-powered toys and any other gift that will fascinate their sophisticated mind. You can also buy them tickets to a science fiction movie or gaming treat.

4. Fashion Packages

There is no doubt the office glam queen or king would enjoy a fashion treat and the selfies that come with it. The longer the gift keeps them on the mirror, the better. A stylish mirror will not only be a reflection of your good test as a boss, but you will have achieved the objective. Treat your employee to a fashion show or shopping spree if you can afford it. Make arrangements for them to be involved in a fashion event or to get a wardrobe makeover from a professional.

5. Food Treats

For the foodies in the office, the best idea would include their favorite meals. Something other employees can enjoy will make the idea more fun. Order your employee’s favorite meal for everyone in the office, have customized cupcakes baked for them or send them out to a good restaurant. Recipes and food picture books can also make a good treat.

Birthday gifts in lieu of bonuses, promotion or pay rise is downright tacky. Employees who do their work well take pride in their job and while you should give them a good remuneration, they do want to feel like you are bribing them to continue performing.