Top 5 Guest Posting Services (2015)

You own a business, and you want to drive more traffic to your website: guest posting is an effective marketing strategy that can help you achieve that goal and increase your return on investment.

What is Guest Posting?

Also known as, “guest blogging,” the concept is basic. It is posting your content as a guest on another blog. Ideally, both the blog host and the blogger share the benefit of this practice, as the host gets content for his or her blog while you receive backlinks to your website.

Using Guest Posting Services

Today’s market demands quality-driven content. However, this can be a very time consuming process.

Guest posting services are content marketing firms that drive business to your website by doing the guest posting for you. They find bloggers and webmasters willing to post your content on their website, write the content that markets your business, and maintain everything you need in order to create highly effective content marketing strategies.

But in the mass expanse of the internet it can be hard to separate the good from the bad, so I have listed below a list of the best guest blogging services around:

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1. is, by far, the best guest posting service the internet has to offer. They are transparent in their pricing, dedication to their clients, and ability to produce high-quality content with a passion. sets itself apart as a leader when it comes to all three of these criteria, and the quality control they have in place ensures that your business will thrive through their dedicated efforts to vet every single blog your content is placed on. Best of all they can reach premium sites that other guest posting services either don’t have access  to or don’t try to reach

2. Quality Guest Post

What sets Quality Guest Post apart is their packaging of services that ensures your content reaches sites that have a domain authority of 20+. They, like, are also very transparent with their clients in their pricing and services, and their vetting process to top notch blog sites. In addition, they do not subcontract out their work to perfect strangers like many other services do. Every writer works exclusively for them!

3. Genuine Guest

Genuine Guest is another guest posting service possessing access to quality sites that can get your content noticed. Good marketing firms pay attention to their industry and the changes that take place within it. Genuine Guest does exactly that in their quality control methods to ensure that your posts are search engine compliant when it comes to getting the exposure you deserve.

4. Guest Post HQ

Guest Post HQ is another qualified guest post marketing agency that can handle all your content needs. Their staff ensures that your content is compliant to all search engine guidelines, and not riddled with spammy backlinks. They offer a turn-around time of four weeks or less, and they don’t require a minimum number of orders. They even let you customize your order to fit your specific needs.

5. HQ Guest Posting

Like all the other services mentioned in this list, hqguestposting does pretty much everything you need when it comes to guest posting for you. They are a professional team that has access to blogs with domain authorities as high as 40+, and they offer high quality writers to suite your needs.

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With content marketing on the rise, guest posting is an effective means to generate interest in your business by reaching audiences within a specific niche. Effective marketing requires reliable services, and these five companies are leading the way in their industry.

Do you use any other guest posting services? Do you think I have missed any out above? Your thoughts and comments below please...  


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