Top 5 Highest-Paying Positions in the Aerospace Industry

A career in the aerospace industry is generally a high paying and highly rewarding one. Some of the jobs involve manufacturing of helicopters, airplanes, space shuttles and many other forms of flying machines. There are many kinds of engineering jobs with the highest salaries, in the aerospace industry.

Like any other industry, the highest paying jobs in the aerospace field are those that require more experience and skills. Here are five in-demand and well paid positions in the industry.

1. Aerospace Program Management Director


According to Al Lee - director at, the aerospace sector is the second highest paying industry, after the petroleum engineering sector. An Aerospace Program Management Director can make a six figure income. A business graduate degree like an MBA in addition to an engineering degree can get you this job. Program management directors are responsible for negotiating contracts, developing the airline organization’s business strategy and taking care of the company’s overall profitability.

Annual Salary: $151,000

2. Copilot, Airline pilot and flight engineer


Earlier pilots were trained in the military. Off late, a college degree and flight training from a school, certified by the FAA, helps new applicants. There are several jobs for pilots, besides a position in the airline. According to BLS, 34% of commercial pilots spend their time dusting crops, testing planes, monitoring traffic, firefighting and doing many other jobs.       

Annual Salary: $117,000


3. Project Engineers in Aerospace


A project engineer in the aerospace sector must know the ins and outs of airline engineering and have organizational and personal skills to run a project or lead a team. The role of a project engineer ranges from managing the budget for projects and recruiting and training new employees, monitoring team works and doing many other administrative assignments.

Individuals with great team management skills and a love for the aerospace industry will best suit this job.

Annual Salary: $82,000


4. Manager – Aircraft Maintenance


This is yet another job in the aerospace industry that requires technical skills and the ability to lead a team or project. An aircraft maintenance manager is typically a highly skilled and educated professional. He is responsible for his team’s performance and regular maintenance as per the regulatory guidelines. The maintenance manager usually schedules a group of technicians and takes care of the hiring, training and other activities within the team.

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This job is more suitable for disciplined individuals who are keen in keeping things under control. In other words, if you like being organized even in your personal life, this job might suit you well.

Annual Salary: $74,200


5. Air Traffic Controller


According to Lee, an air traffic controller’s job is one of the highest-paying jobs for people with an associate’s degree. However, one has to know that it is also a high-pressure job and requires great mental focus and patience. Depending on the size and popularity of the airport, this job may be divided between take off movements, ground controllers, landing, en routing flight time and more. There is a steep competition for this steady and lucrative position. However, the BLS predicts a good number of people retiring in future years. This is a positive sign, as it will open up more jobs for younger aspirants.

Obviously you will have to be a calm, tolerant and focused individual to like this job.

Everyone doesn’t get a chance to do a professional job in the airport. A job in the aerospace industry is one of the most respected ones that will help you settle down for life. If you have been looking to get a job in the aerospace industry, the above positions might interest you.   





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