Top 5 Job Hunting Tips While You're Already Employed

Perhaps it’s true that when it comes to employment, the grass is always greener on the other side. Just a while ago, Steve Balmer quit his job at Microsoft to try and play ball instead. There are a ton of rather successful people that have made tough choices regarding their careers; hoping from one company to the next and taking on different roles.

It is particularly harder to job hunt while already employed. There is no time to look around and interview for jobs. What then should you do if you are caught in this quagmire?

1. Keep it Under Wraps

You don’t want to attract replacement on your current job before you even land your next one. The secret to do this is to be as confidential as possible. You may have found trustworthy colleagues in your workplace and might feel the need to let a few of them in on what you are about to do but the fewer the guys who are aware of your actions, the better for you. Working with an employment agency is safer as you can put them in the know about your intentions to keep things under wraps until there is a solid mutual relationship between you and your next employer.

2. Set Time Apart for the Job Hunt

It is wrong to steal your recent company’s time as well as resources to perform you job pursuit. Instead, get your time and dime where you do it. Ensure that you also provide only your personal contact information and not that of your recent employer. You don’t want to spook your present employer and have him fire you before you land your dream job!

3. Go for Interviews at Your own Time

It is no surprise that employees often lie about not showing up at work a lot. Some of the reasons they give include family issues and falling sick. Even when going for an interview, there is a high likelihood that most of us lie about it to our recent employees. However, integrity calls for respect for your current employer. Ask for a paid day off if you have been called for an interview or else get a personal time which you can attend the interview. It goes without say that if you can land a video or phone interview, it would be really great.

4. Be Careful with Web Job Search

While looking for a job on the internet is safer and easier, it can also land you in great trouble if you are not careful on how to do it. Circulating your resume and cover letter on social media may get you busted if your present employer learns about it. Make use of the privacy settings and be sure to block your current boss from looking into your profile.

5. Wisdom is Called for

Don’t forget that your current responsibility is very important and that you need to respect it and show commitment all the way. Maintain great relationships with your colleagues, perform your work diligently and effectively, carry yourself with discipline and keep a positive attitude at all times. When you land the new job, follow the standard protocol of resigning and exit well.

Well, I hope the read has shown you that you can juggle looking for a great job while still employed and keeping your respect and integrity in your current job. Feel free to share some other tips of ensuring this on the comments box below


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