Top 5 Jobs for Gun Enthusiasts



Gun enthusiasts who want to turn their passions into careers will be glad to know that there are several exciting and fulfilling ways to do just that. The following career options are perfect for anyone who has a love for firearms.

1. NRA Instructor

The NRA, or National Rifle Association, is dedicated to providing training and education in the safe use of firearms. Anyone with a solid background in firearm safety and handling skills who can complete an NRA Training Course in his or her discipline (which is specific to action type) can become an instructor. This career choice is perfect for gun enthusiasts who want to share their passion for and knowledge of safety with others, but positions are limited and mainly exist in urban areas.

2. Gunsmith

Those who consider themselves artisans when it comes to firearms may want to consider a career as a gunsmith. Candidates should have an aptitude for technical and mechanical skills, be serious about gun safety, and get the right education to become successful. There are many gunsmithing schools out there where individuals can receive all of the knowledge they need in less than two years.

3. Police Officer

Although it is the goal of a police officer to use his or her gun as little as possible, anyone who has a passion for justice as well as firearms is a good fit for this career choice. Regular training at a shooting range is a part of the job, and police officers must show and maintain proficiency with a variety of weapon types, the most common of which are pistols and semi-automatic rifles. Depending on their exact roles, they may also be required to handle shotguns and fully automatic assault rifles from time to time.

4. Forensic Ballistics Expert

Those who are interested in the criminal justice system and who have a knack for solving puzzles may want to look in to a career as a forensic ballistics expert. These individuals spend their time analyzing crime scenes and photos to determine what type of firearm was used, the location in which it was used, and the number of shots that were fired.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, forensic ballistics experts earn a median salary of $52,840 per year, which is more than many other careers in firearms.

5. Firearms Engineer

Finally, for gun enthusiasts with creative minds, a job as a firearms engineer can be extremely rewarding. They work to identify flaws in existing firearms and create solutions for improving them. They may also work directly with military personnel to develop brand new firearms according to desired functionality, action type, size, and weight. Although firearms engineers must often have a bachelor or even a master’s degree in order to be successful, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that mechanical engineers across all industries earn an average of $80,580 per year due to the complexity of the job.

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Gun enthusiasts can enjoy a day at the shooting range from time to time, but a career in firearms is more fulfilling. While some of the careers above require very specific college degrees, others, such as NRA instructors or gunsmiths, require only minimal education.