Top 5 Jobs for Those who Have Mastered Microsoft Excel

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Without doubt, Microsoft Excel is the most popular and most frequently used business software in the corporate world. This is because the software is used for important business functions and it suits very well for both simple data-entry work as well as complex problem-solving assignments. According to Microsoft, there are 5-10% of Excel users who use complex programming features and earn more than their co-workers.

So if you think data analysis and problem solving is your cup of tea and you are a pro in Excel, then here are five jobs you may fancy.

1) Management Consultant

Management consulting is a new and popular job that offers solid career track for both fresh and experienced candidates. Many Fortune 500 companies hire management consultants to maximise revenue and minimise cost. A management consultant is responsible for comprehensive analysis of different company-related issues and data involved. Like banking, young and aspiring management consultants can expect long working hours. There are numerous opportunities available with consulting firms and boutiques.    

Payments usually start at $70,676 per year.

2)  Investment Banking Analyst

If you are placed as an Investment Banking Analyst, your income potential is guaranteed for life. The role of an Investment Banking Analyst involves initial public offering deals (IPO’s), Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) deals and lots of other work that requires the use of Microsoft Excel. Not just modeling, Excel sheets are also used for graph functions and graphical depictions from Word documents and PowerPoint decks. Though this job offers good money, its work can be grueling.      

Payments usually start at $58,386 per year.

3)  Business Intelligent Analysts

Business Intelligent Analysts typically help in improving a company’s competitive position. They are responsible for assisting managers in making informed official decisions. They are also involved in processing data from the past and present and determining business strengths, weaknesses and trends. Analyzing business intelligence and making actionable decisions is an important business role today. According to a report from Software Advice,  Microsoft’s new Excel features were introduced in 2013 for better BI analysis. Robert Collie, CTO of Pivotstream and Microsoft Developer, claims that his new PowerPivot drains 90% of manual Excel work, producing richer insights.     

Payments usually start at $55,591/year.

4) Marketing


Marketing is no more a new term in the business field; however, in the past ten years, marketing has undergone unbelievable digitisation. Some marketing jobs are creative while others are extremely analytical. On the whole, marketing is still an exciting career and Excel plays a key role here. Excel is a wonderful tool when it comes to working on market surveys and other analysis. It also helps visual representation of the profits shown to workers within the team and customers.

Payments usually start at $50,232.

5) Accountant

Accounting is the backbone of all business setups and obviously accountants are always in demand. The number of roles and responsibilities faced by accountants is quite big. While entry-level accountants record and audit transactions, the more experienced professionals handle financial statements and costing analysis. Contrary to what many people believe, there are some interesting account-related jobs like CFO or IRS. Working with a spreadsheet all the time, an accountant has the first-hand information on the company’s profits and losses.        

Payments usually start at $44,965

The above jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of functions performed using and Excel sheet to make the interpreting and organising of data easier. Looking at this in a positive angle, if you can master the Excel and know how to create valuable business insights, you can consider yourself as a valuable employee. You will also be compensated accordingly.

Hope this articles inspires you to master the Microsoft Excel software. If you like to share any information about Excel-related jobs, you can do so in the comment section provided below.    

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