Top 5 Mom-entrepreneurs to Inspire You

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1. Angelina Jolie
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Being an Academy Award winning actress and mother of 6 just isn’t enough for Miss Jolie - taking the whole ‘being a mum’ experience to the next level, she is not only a UN Goodwill Ambassador but also a special envoy to the High Commissioner of the UNHCR (UN’s special refugees agency). Her celebrity status always comes last on the list - with being a mum and her philanthropic commitments taking priority.

The saying goes: You can’t have everything - and who doesn’t like a challenge? The right answer to that is: mothers. As the superheroes of mankind, Mums have the initial responsibility to bring life to the world. From the beginning of time mothers have been in charge of the well being of children, and with good reason. While dads have been active on the sidelines, the main duty of mothers has been to devote their time to their children - but then there are those women who manage to defy everyone and manage to have it all!

Enter mompreneurs - the new and improved version of yummy mummys who balance their work, baby and house by mastering the formula of time management and time management. Here is a list of 5 mompreneurs to inspire you:




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