Top 5 Most Disliked Careers

Do you love what you do or, instead, do you find yourself struggling to drag your sorry self to the office every morning, dreading what the day might have in store for you? If you hate your job, then you might not be as alone as you think you are. While we are shown images and news of those who have somehow managed to land the profession of their dreams, the reality for the majority of us is somewhat different. Spending the large parts of our lives wrapped up in something which we really hate, however, can have a pretty damaging effect on our sense of worth and it might not be long until we’re wondering what it’s all about and how we even ended up there.

If you find yourself tiredly nodding along to all of this, then there is a bright side. The chances are that the job you hate might be a significant amount better than the very worst careers in the world and unless one of the following is your actual job, then things certainly have a silver lining for you. While career paths are all down to personal preference, we couldn’t imagine making these professions a part of our reality and if you shudder at the thought of tampering with computers and writing lines of code, then it’s pretty likely that you feel the same. While there are certainly worse careers out there, we’re having a hard time thinking of any right now. If you’re unlucky enough to have ended in one of these sad professions, then we feel for you.

1. Technical Specialist

One of the most unclear positions in the professional world, a Technical Specialist covers a huge amount of different elements and is involved in many different industries. If you’re really itching to understand exactly what it is that a Technical Specialist gets up to during the day, then you’ll be pleased to know that it has been defined as someone who “leads the analysis, definition, design, construction, testing, installation and modification of medium to large infrastructures”. Just your average day-to-day. Dealing directly with the creative minds of any big company, the Technical Specialist researches the viability of new projects and products.

There’s a lot of politics involved in the job, which is something that many people would rather avoid doing at this job. Having the power to determine whether a product can or cannot be produced leads to a lot of enemies in the company and many people in the profession have complained about a lack of respect and communication from upper management. In addition, the majority of people who have landed the job have only done so after completing years of engineering school and training, giving them undeniable levels of expertise. Despite having the keys to go forwards, the Technical Specialist will always be the little guys, and for that, their job path can sometimes be a little trying.

2. Senior Web Developer

Dealing with web design and code is arguably one of the most lucrative industries right now, so the fact that one of its most senior positions has come out to be one of the most hated jobs in the world should come as a huge surprise. While the Senior Web Developer might seem to have everything on point in the digital field, the realities of the job are somewhat less fun then they might appear at first.

The main responsibilities of the Senior Web Developer are to design, upkeep and create new applications for the internet. With the digital age experiencing a major boom right now, the job title is both lucrative and in demand. The sheer amount of competition, for companies to stay on top of their game has resulted in a massive surge in the amount of Senior Web Developer positions opening around the world. So what makes the job so bad?

The career is a bit of a double-edged sword and its major blessing - the sheer amount of innovation and new developments cropping up - is also its most significant curse. Senior Web Developers are expected to constantly be on top of most major industry developments, whilst keeping an eye on older digital platforms such as Python or Ruby. When there is also the lack of healthy communication between the Senior Web Developer and their client, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Sometimes being the only one to understand how things work can be the loneliest place to be.

3. Product Manager

A job title that sounds very impressive, but vague, a Product Manager could be involved in a number of different industries, in a variety of different roles. The crux of the job comes down to how products might be used in businesses and for many Product Managers, the lack of direction in the role is the major reason for dissatisfaction. One Product Manager, for example, could be involved in determining the kinds of products which reflect a company’s business acumen whilst another might be heavily involved in marketing. Look anywhere, in any place, and it’s unlikely that you will find two Product Managers with the same responsibilities.

Perhaps it’s the lack of job definition that gives Product Managers such massive dissatisfaction in their roles. The major disadvantage of a job like this one is the fact that, with little direction, there are few places for the Product Manager to go. The ability to climb the ranks is massively reduced for people in this role, and there is the added stress of having to straddle a number of different responsibilities. Many people are heavily involved in the clerical side of the business which leads, unsurprisingly, to great bouts of boredom.

4. Director Of Sales And Marketing

Reaching the directorial stage of any company seems like a covetable position but in some areas of work, it’s just better to stay where you are. That is exactly the case for the Director Of Sales And Marketing. Required to promote and share a company’s new launches and business schemes, the Director Of Sales And Marketing needs to be consistently on the ball in their communications efforts, meeting new people as often as they can.

With the sheer amount of different marketing schemes out there, the individual in this position needs to be more than a little savvy about their work and with the marketplace constantly changing, the job can result in more than a few working pressures. As well as leading marketing campaigns, the Director Of Sales And Marketing is often involved in both budget management and the training of staff. Unsurprisingly, the majority of people in this role find the job to be a little less than great. Stuck somewhere in the middle, many reported a lack of reasonable growth in their position and many more found themselves bemoaning the lack of communication between their roles and those from higher up.

5. Director Of Information Technology

If you thought those jobs sounded bleak, then you might be surprised to know that there is one profession that blows the rest of the bad careers out of the water. Being a Director Of Information Technology might sound like a dream career but when you begin to understand exactly what the job entails, you might start to think a little differently. Nowadays, Information Technology is a key part of any industry and with companies looking to a digital future, the kinds of positions on offer are endless. That also means, however, that the number of things with the potential to go wrong has shot up and as a result, Directors Of Information Technology everywhere are suffering from huge headaches.

Being at the head of a team of Information Technology experts might not be as flashy as it seems and with countless staff and issues to manage every day, things can get a little difficult for those in charge. Amongst other things, Directors Of Information Technology bemoaned the lack of respect for people in their position and the number of cases of nepotism present within their companies. 

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The amount of negative press garnered from teachers and doctors would make you think that either profession would come out as the very worst career you could get involved in. It turns out, however, that the kinds of jobs that people hate are those which they can’t even bring themselves to talk about in public. If you’re already in one of these careers and you’re noticing negative signs, it might be too late. Save yourself before it all gets worse.