Top 5 Most Influential People from Guatemala

Wikimedia Commons

Guatemala is one of the most populous Central American countries. It primary exports are agricultural and ethanol. Unfortunately Guatemala has seen quite a bit of internal strife but is finally stabilized. It even boasts a billionaire amongst its citizens. These are 5 of Guatemala’s most influential people.

1. Mario López Estrada

López went from a civil servant to a billionaire in the period of a few decades. Touted as Guatemala’s only billionaire, Lopez held a telecommunications monopoly (of opportunity not of devious business actions) until 1999 when two competitors for mobile communications arrived on the scene. When he started in the state telecommunications, they were almost unusable; surprisingly, businesses preferred to use two-way radios instead of telephones. It took an astounding 2 years to receive a landline when you applied for service.

2. Eddie Berganza

Berganza is an immigrant success story. Learning English from reruns of the Adventures of Superman as a child, he often perplexed adults with his “Look up in the sky!” which is the first line the narrator speaks in the series. After a college internship with a monthly sci-fi magazine, he met Bob Greenberger who got him a job at DC Comics. Starting from the lowly position of copy boy, he soon rose up in the ranks and became the Executive Editor in 2010.

3. Ted Hendricks

Born to a Guatemalan mother and an American father that was working in Guatemala at the time, Hendricks had an illustrious career in the NFL. Playing for a full 15 seasons, he had played with four Super Bowl-winning teams. In the 1990s, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He started his career in high school, where he showed a propensity for the game, and then went on to play college football while he studied at the University of Miami.

4. Felipe A. Bosch Gutierrez

He is a board member of the largest agricultural and industrial conglomerate in Central America. They specialize in many sectors of the food industry including prepared food, such as fast food and raw foods. He has also held the office of the President of the Committee of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry and Finance Association, and also held the presidency of the Industry Chamber. He also spearheaded many initiatives for the betterment and development within Guatemala. He is also seems extremely camera shy as I could not find a single decent image of his industrious visage – my humble apologies.

5. Dionisio Gutierrez Mayorga

Gutierrez is considered one of the 100 most important businessmen in Latin America as listed in Revista Summa (a financial periodical in Guatemala). Gutierrez is also a member of the G-50 Group and the Council of the Americas, and holds a chair on the board of trustees of the Universidad Fransisco Marroquin. He has been a very active philanthropist and even founded the Juan Bautista Gutierrez Foundation that assists impoverished families and families with children that need healthcare. He was even featured on the BBC for his charitable and humanistic action. Unfortunately, Gutierrez was forced to leave Guatemala in 2010 due to threats against his life and negative political pursuance.

Are there any noteworthy citizens of Guatemala that I may have missed? Please, let me know in the comment section below.