Top 5 Movies Every Freelancer Should Watch

The life of a freelancer is one that can fall into the clutches of drudgery extremely quickly. You need to inspire yourself to keep moving forward and to keep succeeding. This is why we’re going to delve into the top five movies every freelancer should watch. We have chosen them for different reasons and we believe everyone can extract something from them.

Read on to find out about our top five picks.


1. Almost Famous

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Most freelancers have some work that’s there solely to pay the bills. You aren’t particularly bothered about it, but it pays well so you keep writing web content for insurance-based websites. However, the chances are you also have passion projects. This may come in the form of a novel or an article.

The 2000 film Almost Famous follows William Miller on just one of these passion projects. You may well see William’s story resembling your story.


2. Capote


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Capote follows the story of writer Truman Capote, who wrote In Cold Blood. This film follows Capote’s journey as he interviews a number of sources who’re in various states of shock and grief. Using his skills, he manages to extract their life stories from them in an emotional and heart wrenching flick. It may also teach you about the importance of honesty and openness in an interview situation.


3. Sex and the City

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Carrie Bradshaw’s life most certainly does not resemble the reality of living and working as a freelancer. We can all agree on that. What we can agree on is how her life ebbs and flows. That couldn’t be more relevant to the average freelancer, and it’s why Sex and the City is worth a watch.

It follows Carrie as she begins to research her next big book. If you can put aside the fact that she’s seemingly able to work only a few hours a week and spend $500 on stilettos you should have no problem gleaning something from this wildly popular film.


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4. Sideways

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Sideways follows a character called Miles. Miles is not a nice character. In fact, he’s the eternal pessimist. He’s pessimistic about everything from the quality of his alcohol to his own writing. The film kicks off with him being rejected by a publisher and he enters the usual pit of despair. The difference is despite his pessimism he keeps going. This should be a feature that teaches you all about the need to overcome rejection and keep pushing towards your goals.

If someone as pessimistic as Miles can do this, so can you. It’s also a cautionary tale about the dangers of wallowing in self-pity. As a freelancer, you already know this is something that exists as a constant threat to your state of mind. Hopefully, Sideways will teach you a thing or two.


5. Julie & Julia

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Julie Powell is a character who has an incredibly boring life. She isn’t happy with it and she wants to make a change. It already sounds like a familiar story. It’s the sort of start that drove so many of us into self-employment in the first place.

The movie charts Julie’s progress from Captain Boredom to blogging queen as she blogs for a year about her experiences of cooking. She follows every recipe in Julie Child’s new cookbook. It led to her crafting two nonfiction books. She is always pushing herself way out of her comfort zone in order to achieve what she never thought she could achieve.

This relatable story is perhaps one of the best films you will see this year. It may also inspire you to chase your goals too!

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