Top 5 Office Make-Up Tips Not to Follow

You might think that getting a first job is one of the best things to happen in your life. It’s not hard to see your line of argument; having a job is the hallmark of graduating to become an independent woman from depending on your old folks for everything. Not forgetting the fact that you’ll be spared the boring, endless hours you’d spend lumped on the couch, flipping on T.V channels with nothing to do – now that’s what we call joblessness. To this extent, you’re justified in thinking that waking up early every week day to catch the early train to work is one of the best things to ever occur in your time on this universe thus far.

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Wait until you walk into the office one day and find everybody with their eyes bizarrely fixated on you. With the way their eyes are following you everywhere you go, it could be that you’ve got magnetic properties of some kind. Of course that’s not humanly possible so the next logical explanation would be that they probably just hate your way of dressing, right? Or it could be that you are breaking office make-up no-no’s, which could be making your colleagues ask themselves, “What was she thinking when she left her house looking like that?”

If you want to avoid being the ridicule of the office, read the following make up tups that you should avoid doing.

1. Applying Black Eyeshadows

Taylor Momsen Eyeshadow

As undemocratic as this may sound, black eyeshadows do not have a place in the office environment, that’s unless it’s part of an office costume party or Halloween. Smokey eyes make you sultry and sure enough, that’s not the kind of look you should be pulling off when seeking to prove your competency for the job. Your boss might be forgiven for thinking that the most part of your previous night was spent in a nightclub and that you are yet to recover from the exertions. Going for a natural palette instead of layers upon layers of charcoal eyeshadows will save you from a 101 million stares from colleagues, which make you wish that the earth would open up and swallow you. Here’s a better idea; run to the nearest washroom and wash it all off.

2. Fake Lashes to Get You Ahead Career-Wise

The saying, ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ might be applicable to fake eyelashes if only wearing them makes you the embodiment of professionalism, which puts you in a prime position to grow your career – too bad this isn’t the case. In an informal environment, such as a cocktail party or a night of glimmer and glamour under the disco lights, wearing faux eyelashes definitely makes you stand out in the party for all the right reasons. You walk into work with fake eyelashes and that’s when your troubles begin. Picture this; a situation where you are in an important meeting and then your faux eyelashes start to fall off. Aaaargh!!! This is definitely a scenario you wouldn’t want to find yourself in; what with the tens of eyes that will be awkwardly glued on you as you grapple with your glue malfunction (pun intended). My advice to you is; give fake eyelashes a wide berth. Instead, some mascara or white eyeliner will give you the look you are trying to pull off with the fake lashes. It might be a tad tough to discard your love for the fake lashes but, hey, look at it from the bright side; using mascara or white eyeliner on your natural lashes make them appear longer while they still remain natural.

3. Too Much Blush is Never Enough

Too much blush

When you want to make your cheekbones become more prominent in appearance and make them look healthy, then applying blush is just exactly what the doctor ordered – that’s if, you follow the ‘doctor’s order.’ Blush should be applied evenly across the cheekbones in appropriate amounts; preferably a light dusting that complements the color of your cheeks. Therefore, it’s shouldn’t be that ‘Too much blush is never enough’rather ‘Too much blush is too much’- unless you want to pull off a new look of a young girl messing around with mommy’s makeup. Perhaps, your aim is to pull off the look of a gaunt or harsh person by applying dark blush colors to create contours on your cheekbones. Then again, think about all the times you will be getting funny stares from your colleagues during meetings – pretty pleasant, isn’t it? I guess not.

4. Red-Hot Lips to Kiss Away The Red Letter Days

Red Lips

It would be quite amazing – admittedly – if red-hot lips could kiss away the glum days that creep into our work schedules so many times. On a personal level, I would kiss away my Mondays and turn them into Fridays – I’d swap the dull, snail-pace feeling that’s associated with Mondays for the bubbly, ecstatic mood that comes with Fridays. Sadly though, research hasn’t proven that red lipstick can help kiss away the red letter days – instead it can paint a different picture of who you’re as a professional (literally). Surely, you don’t want people at the workplace thinking that you have made a stopover to the office while on your way to a night out or a date? – that would be too much of a bold statement. If you’re working in the creative industry, then you’re off the hook as red lipstick may not be out of place in such an industry. For the rest of you, too bad; if you want to portray a picture of professionalism, red lipstick will have to be confined to glittery evenings at cocktail parties or nights out at the 5-star restaurants for lobsters and shrimps.

5. Smell Good to Feel Good

Woman perfume

It’s true, perfume allows us to smell good and, feel good. However, that’s no leeway to douse yourself in as much of that favorite spray – at least, spare a thought for the souls of all the people who would have to endure being suffocated by the sneeze-inducing smell of your perfume. Put yourself in their position – the excessive smell of perfume choking your lungs is enough to make you wish that these ingenious ways of making humans smell pleasant were never invented. Don’t trespass the boundary of perfume spraying when applying it to work – you don’t want your teamwork with fellow workmates taking a nosedive because your perfume makes them want to invest in gas masks or – at the worse – stay away from you. Spraying light amounts of perfume will definitely bring you back into their fold.

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The office is the last place you want to summon your creativity in applying make-up and pull a ‘Lady Gaga’ – turning up to the office in a meat dress might be beyond extreme fashion boundaries – even bold. However, wearing cake face, bright pink lipstick, fake eyelashes and black eyeshadows may just point to the American singer as the source of your fashion code. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply any make-up to the office. Rather, you should keep it at a level that radiates the professionalism that embodies you. In another situations, such as dinner parties or nights out at the club, Lady Gaga’s make-up tips will definitely come in handy. In the workplace environment, office makeup= stylishness + professionalism; after all, fashion fades but style remains for eternity.




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