Top 5 Promising Tech Start-Ups 2015

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The millennium has been the age of the technology company. Silicon Valley in the US has been the main source of this boom, but it’s representative of a world gone mad for technology. We can see billion-dollar companies popping up in different sectors all the time. 2015 is going to bring us a fresh crop of exciting tech start-ups. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

#1 Kytabu

Education is something that Africa has been concerned about for decades. With crippling poverty still rife, it’s difficult to improve the schools there. Textbooks and other equipment are expensive. Kytabu has noticed that there’s nobody taking this problem seriously, or at least they’ve yet to see anyone come up with a solution.

They’re changing this by digitising many of the textbooks we use in the West. Users can purchase portions of these textbooks for use on mobile devices. This is perfect for continents like Africa and over impoverished parts of the world.

#2 Lyft

Have you ever tried catching a cab in some parts of the world? It’s outrageous how much it can cost or even just how difficult it is. Lyft is changing that by getting around the current rules on who can offer rides. These drivers can offer services in exchange for tips. It’s a clever way around providing a driving service without charging a fee, which would be illegal.

It’s managed by a large online platform that any driver and any customer can sign up to. It’s also far cheaper than conventional cab services.

The only threat to Lyft is that governments are going to get wise to what’s essentially a workaround for unofficial cab drivers. We don’t know how they will act or even if they will act, but it’s a risk everyone has to be aware of when watching out for Lyft.

#3 Square

Square offers an easier way for small and large merchants to accept payments. It’s already secured Starbucks as its first client. This app processes payments from credit and debit cards in a way that is cheap and easy. It beats the services currently on offer, which are often impossible to afford for small businesses. This will vastly change the world of secure online transactions, purely because Square has undercut the competition massively.

For now, Square just has to invest in its security to ensure it can compete with its bigger competitors. A lapse in security will turn people away because that’s the main priority for them.

#4 MallforAfrica

The African continent may be impoverished, but it’s a growing continent. And a continent coming from nothing means there’s still a lot of untapped potential. Demand for many products has shot through the roof. Unfortunately, the infrastructure just isn’t there to support this demand. This is where the company MallforAfrica has decided to drop in.

They allow people to order products direct from retailers in the US. All customers have to do is place an order, and they can pick it up from either a predetermined drop off point or from home.

#5 New Relic

Cloud storage is the new ‘in’ thing at the moment. Since more computing is done on the go from mobile devices, it’s taken on a new importance. New Relic wants to solve the problem of limited cloud storage space. Using a holistic approach, New Relic’s founder Lew Cirne offers cloud storage in an ethical and fair way. It’s cheaper than other options, and it’s more secure than other options, which is why the company has emerged as a standout for the year of 2015.

What do you think are the most promising startups of 2015? Your thoughts and comments below...