Top 5 Reasons Why You May Want to Market Your Business on Your Blog Instead of Facebook

Many business owners turn to Facebook, the world’s leading social media website, to market their business. This is fine and dandy but doesn’t always work the way it is expected to. Rarely do freelancers and small business owners see increased revenues from running ad campaigns on Facebook. It is often wasted money since Facebook does not offer free advertising unless you put up a post on your business’ social media page directly.

Facebook Users Hide Ads

Facebook users have a lot of options when it comes to hiding and blocking ads. All they have to do is hover over the ad and click the down arrow on something that does not pertain to their interests. They can choose to hide the ad, hide all ads from your business or report them as abusive or spam.

This does no good for your business if the ads placed are not being viewed. While Facebook does offer the option of target marketing, there is no guarantee that the target market is really going to see the ad. Facebook ads cycle and the users that need to see your ad may not be visible when they are using the social media network.

Most Ignore Visible Ads on Sidebars

Facebook does allow businesses to purchase side bar advertisements. Unfortunately, most users don’t even pay attention to them. Items they’ve searched for in Google take up the sidebar advertisements. Users know this so they simply do not pay attention. Again, this is wasted money that could be used to market on a well-known blogger’s page or other platforms.

Your Blog is Niche Based

Your blog has a specific niche, whether you realize it or not. When you’re advertising guest blogging or sponsored posts, the best place to do it is right on your blog itself. Make sure you’re marketing yourself in the right way though. The marketing strategy has to follow the main topic of your blog in order for it to even be recognized.

An idea here is to interlink. Interlinking is okay by Google’s standards as long as it is relevant. So, you’d want to create a post about a specific promotion and link to the promotional advertisement page directly within the content. Readers can click the link to view your marketing materials directly.

Better Networking Abilities on your Blog

Advertising on your own blog often turns other blog owners onto you. This helps you to build a stronger network. They may offer to run your ad if you agree to run theirs. Here, there is no money exchanged and it is free exposure. This leads to more clients coming your way. As a blogger, it can also bring forth more brands offering you the opportunity to perform paid reviews. This generates income and great reading material for your followers.

Social Media Marketing is Difficult

Social media marketing itself is difficult, not just on Facebook. Many businesses and freelancers market on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. These are all great since they are free, but how many people are actually viewing these ads? You have to install plug-ins in order to see your statistics and embed codes into your images for tracking purposes.

Advertising where you know the content will be seen is best. Marketing on your own blog is also free. When you’re working for yourself, spending money on marketing is not always an option. Use as many free marketing opportunities as possible and always link written content back to your own blog or website when it is appropriate. These tips should help you understand why marketing on Facebook is not always the best idea.


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