Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Failing to Find a Job Online

There might be several reasons why your online job search is failing. Usually performing a job search takes a lot of work and requires a certain amount of effort from your behalf. In fact, an online job search is a skill that can be developed so that you learn how to do it better.

In a way, a job search is a personal project management process as it requires from you to manage your time effectively in order to apply for as many jobs as possible. Most importantly, it requires you to use words effectively so that you can promote yourself.

Here are some of the reasons you may be failing to find a job online:

#1 You are not using social media to your benefit

Social media have become a great source of job opportunities. Although if you are not currently using social media appropriately it is highly unlikely that it will help you in any way. Instead of just relying on Facebook or Twitter for your job search you could try LinkedIn or XING which are way more effective when it comes to job-hunting and can help you network with other professionals.

#2 You don’t search for jobs on the employer’s website

Sometimes it is not enough to just search for job adverts through Google or recruitment agencies. Several firms will choose not to post their vacancies on other job-hunting websites and are available on their official website only. Many employers will expect that you do that because it will show them you have actually made the effort to visit their website to search for a position.

#3 You don’t see things from the employer’s perspective

Now this is crucial. While searching for a job you should try to think like the employer. Perhaps you can think of what you would want to see in a candidate if you were the employer. So, in order to be successful, your application should present you as someone who is capable and willing to help the employer solve their business problems and help their company grow. Double checking the personality specification profile that normally accompanies job adverts is also important because it helps you know what qualities or skills the employer is looking for.

#4 You are not selling yourself appropriately

A lot of people find it hard to describe themselves, but when it comes to finding work it is important to be able to talk about your strengths.  It is even more important to “sell” yourself while applying for a job online because that is how employers get a first impression of you. The entire process of a job search should be about marketing your skills and promoting yourself effectively. It might help if you could come up with some skills or qualities that describe your personality, write them down and then provide an example for each so that you know what to include whenever you are applying.

#5 You give up too easily

Ask yourself how many hours you are spending for your job search on a daily basis and make it your full-time job. While it depends on the type of job you are applying for, an average person should spend at least 5 to 7 hours job searching in order to be successful. Also, you will need to build realistic expectations on how long a job search can last. It might take days, weeks or even months. The average time which a job search could last is 22 weeks so do not fret if you haven’t found a job by week 2.

Without a doubt, searching for a job can be a difficult task. However, developing your online job searching technique will get you your dream job sooner that you think!