Top 5 Reasons Your Subscribers are Unsubscribing

Your email list is your lifeline for a better future. It’s the one thing no platform can take away from you. These are your loyal customers and as long as email continues to exist, you’ll always have a way of keeping in touch with them.

But what’s this?

You’re starting to lose those subscribers. They’re regularly unsubscribing from your list, or even worse, they’re unsubscribing at a rate that’s faster than the number of new subscribers. Your list is growing smaller. The chances are this is as a direct result of you getting one of the fundamental basics wrong.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why your subscribers are unsubscribing.

#1 The Wrong Frequency

It’s crucial that you don’t send too many emails to your list. The frequency of your emails needs to be right or you’re going to annoy people. As a general rule of thumb, don’t send anything unless it’s actually relevant and someone is going to have an interest in it. That can solve most frequency problems straight away. Too many lists send utterly pointless information that clogs up inboxes everywhere.

Alternatively, segment your email list. Make sure your messages have a better level of targeting. That can stop you unnecessarily targeting people with promotions that aren’t relevant to them.

#2 Mobile Optimisation

The fact is at least 50% of people check their emails exclusively from mobiles and tablets. Ensure that your emails are optimised for portable devices. If your emails don’t appear properly on these devices, the chances are subscribers using them are going to abandon you.

#3 Irrelevant Content

This is the single biggest reason for a drop in subscribers. Stop sending boring and impersonal messages that lead to no action. Your emails should fulfil a want or a need of the person receiving it. Resist the temptation to send an email every time you want to make some sort of announcement. Emails should be enticing, therefore you need to keep them as short as possible.

If necessary, write a blog and place an excerpt in an email. This gives readers the option as to whether they want to find out more.

#4 Repeat Content

Never EVER repeat a message. This is a sure-fire way to spam your email recipients. Don’t assume that they didn’t receive the message the first time. They did. If you aren’t getting the engagement you’re looking for, sending the same message again, or rewriting the message, isn’t going to change that. You need to figure out why your subscribers aren’t reacting in the right way to your content.

Remember, if you have nothing to say don’t say it.

#5 They Don’t Recognise You

Most businesses go through some sort of rebranding at some point in their lives. Your subscribers may mistake your emails for spam because they don’t recognise you. They may receive a mail from a business they’ve never heard of and immediately delete it, as a result. This is where keeping your subscribers well-informed really comes into its own.

Before going through any form of rebranding, inform your readers what you’re doing. Tell them that you’re changing the name of your business or altering your logo. Start this well in advance of it actually happening. Tack it on to the end of an email six months in advance. Repeat it at the end of each email so there’s no chance an engaged subscriber could possibly miss it.

If you’ve already failed to do this, there’s little you can do. See this as a lesson for the future. Give people the warning they need prior to undergoing any major changes.


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