Top 5 Rules for Killing the Competition Creatively

Your company is very creative and does really well in providing innovative and amazingly differentiated products/services. Competition, however, prevents it from getting the positioning it deserves in the market. According to experts, creativity is a paramount aspect for companies to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

Kevin Daum, author of Video Marketing for Dummles, outlines what you need to know in order to not only stay ahead of competition, but also to beat the competition with creativity.

 #1 Respect your opponent

Do not underestimate the potential of your competitors, nor should you think that they are the successors. Always assume that your opponent is smarter, better, more creative than you are. That way you will always keep the bar high. Belittling your rival and failing to appraise their real capability will only undermine your own reputation. It is wise to find out as much information as possible about your competitor, learn their strengths and weaknesses and then get prepared to enter the game to conquer.

#2 Play to Win

There are many companies that just play with the prospect of just making ends meet. But in order to become a fierce competitor you need to develop a winner’s mentality. To remain competitive you have to get all your resources together and aim for the highest. Your selling proposition should be so unique that will make the customers have a second thought about going to another competitor. Of course, don’t assume that you will win the game without any plan in place. Therefore, you ought to choose a competitive advantage by:

-  Offering top-notch quality that others don’t provide

-  Offering the best prices in the market

-  Offering an unforgettable customer service

#3 Use all of your resources

Remember that it’s your resources that will give you a competitive edge. Don’t restrict yourself to in-house resources, look outside of your inner cycle for information, tips, development, finance etc. The more open your approach is to exploiting your resources, the more spectacular ideas you will get and the more chances for you to be distinctive and competitive in the marketplace.

#4 Keep your ego in your wallet where it belongs

Aim to beat your competitors’ calls for adopting a broad-minded approach that involves actively communicating with your client base. This process will help you understand them better which in return will help you to serve them better. The key is to find a way to get your clients excited enough to talk about your brand and as such get an edge over your competitors.  

#5 Pursue the awesome experience

Daum argues that it is vital to identify “the convergence of need, entertainment, and the unexpected”. Customers don’t care what you do. They only care what they are left with after you have done it. Therefore, strive to deliver outstanding product or service that will last in their memory for ever and aim to develop a loyal, two-way relationship. 





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