Top 5 Skills Needed for a Job in Nursing

A career in nursing is one of the most valuable careers you can opt for, not only because you are dedicating your life to helping and caring for those in need, but because this career path can open up opportunities all over the world for you. The fact is, nurses are in demand, whether that is working in large scale hospitals or for smaller, private care homes.

Nurses do not have it easy by any means, though. In fact, they experience long hours, little thanks, low pay and witness distressing scenes on a daily basis. That being said, many people are able to see beyond these points and still carve a long-term, successful and rewarding career as a nurse. 

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Let’s take a look at what skills/characteristics are required to succeed in nursing…

1. Exceptional People Skills

This is a typical requirement for most jobs, but when it comes to nursing, people skills are imperative. You will be dealing with people of all ages from all walks of life, and so it is important that you are able to communicate with them on their level and in a manner that eases them, depending on their situation.

2. Teamwork

As a nurse, the team of medical professionals around you is your ‘family’. You will need to support each other physically and emotionally in such a demanding role. Your team will extend from other nurses to doctors, admin staff, dieticians, physiotherapists, anaesthetists, and so on. If you are not able to work diligently as part of a team environment, nursing is not the career for you.

3. Strong Character

You will find that when dealing with people who are in pain or distressed, and their surrounding family members, you may receive abuse, hurtful comments, no thanks for your assistance and, in some cases, even blame for situations that are far out of your control. You will need to have a strong character that is resilient and capable of rising above any hurtful situations you may find yourself in.

4. Empathy and Compassion

While being able to cope in stressful situations, you also need to show real compassion and empathy towards your patients, regardless of how you are being treated. Empathy is what makes a qualified nurse really valued in any workplace. Providing healthcare is one aspect of the nursing profession, but being able to show empathy to your patients is a sign of a great nurse.

5. Physical Endurance

Nursing will require you to be stood up for long periods of time (in fact, for most of your shift!), to lift heavy objects and even your patients and, if you are working in a large hospital, the amount of walking you do from one ward to another can work out to be rather demanding. You therefore need to be physically fit. Without maintaining your own fitness levels, you will not be able to provide the best care possible to your patients. What’s more, by keeping fit and eating well, you can ensure you have enough energy to get you through your shifts at work.

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Essentially, a career in nursing has got to be one of the most physically and mentally demanding professions in the marketplace today, but despite this, this career path attracts people from all over the world to follow a profession that helps and supports those in need. For the right person, this career can be truly rewarding.

Do you possess these top five skills/characteristics? If so, you could be a good fit for a career in nursing.