Top 5 Things People Do That Hurts Their Careers

It does not matter what industry you are in, anyone can hurt their career without even being aware that they’re doing it. If you are not advancing in your career the way you think you should be, the reasons below can tell you why. Take a careful look at the progress others are making that have the same experience and see where you are lacking. Examining yourself is the hardest part of career advancement.

Neglecting Marketing Themselves

One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is not marketing themselves. There are various ways to market yourself both directly and indirectly as a better opportunity is always available somewhere.

One of the best ways to market yourself is with LinkedIn and Google+ profiles. These should be used for professional and career related items only. Update your accomplishments regularly and post about exciting opportunities or big deals that you’ve closed. This gets others excited about you and eventually, the word will get back to the company you work for and a raise or promotion may be in order.

Poor Communication Skills

The inability to communicate clearly is one of the biggest problems those stuck in a dead-end position have. You have to be able to interact with others and not just be an office hermit.  This also pertains to interactions with clients or customers. Being an introvert gets you nowhere in your career.

Learn to listen when others are speaking and engage yourself in the conversation. When co-workers, superiors and clients speak to you, they expect returned conversations and input.

Being a Follower and Not a Leader

If you expect to go further in your career, being a follower is not going to get you there. There are times when the opportunity to show your leadership skills arises. This is the time to shine and show that you deserve a more important role in the company.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed. It may seem like no one is paying attention, but that is just because they are watching to see what move you’ll make next. Keep them guessing and impressed without being overly obvious and the results will follow.

People Pleasing

People pleasing to remedy situations is not the answer. This leads to other employees and co-workers believing that you are playing favourites. Not only does this make you a disliked person in the office, superiors will see it as a way of just keeping the peace without really remedying the situation. Winning people over is important, but giving into others shows weakness, and a leader or member of management cannot be weak.

Working Solo without Inspiration

Everyone needs a mentor, someone to inspire them. Mentors are those that have proven track records of success in an industry or even within a single company. As you see how happy they are with their success and learn from them, you too can benefit from their words of inspiration. Meet with your mentor and pick his or her brain in regards to how they got where they are. Take mental notes and prepare yourself to start the journey yourself.

As a professional, career advancement is important. Performing the same job your entire life gets boring. In some careers there is no room for advancement, so continue to look for an opportunity that provides room for advancement. Understand that there is always another option if you become too stagnant in one place. Self-examination is important. If you are unable to do this yourself, ask your boss for a performance review. This shows you exactly where your boss sees you at now with the company and where they expect you to be in the coming year.

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