Top 5 Things Successful Presenters Do

The job of being a presenter means that you are in front of groups of people frequently. Most of these situations surround the advertising industry. Presenters have to know how to appeal to their audience while getting the message across in a clear manner. View the top 5 tips to become a successful presenter.

Re-center your Focus

Some presenters make the mistake of making the presentation about themselves. Remember, this is not a job interview. Your focus needs to be on the subject at-hand and not on you. Their success is not made or broken from one single presentation entirely. The product or service being discussed has to hold weight on its own. The presenter is simply highlighting the main features and reasons that those listening need it.

Speak in the Right Tone

Every industry and audience requires a specific tone. Make sure that you are using that tone in order to connect with those listening. Boring presentations lead to bad reviews and reflect negatively on your personal career. The presentation that you have has to lead to increased sales and real results in order for you to be successful.

As an example, using a professional or technical tone with a group of consumers is the wrong approach. They are not going to understand the industry specific lingo or technical terminology being used.

Speak from Knowledge Rather than Written Words

An audience finds it as a major annoyance when a presenter reads off of cards and tele-prompters. This shows no authority or expertise in what they are speaking about. Create an outline for yourself with some notes. Use this as a guide but only glance at it briefly. A successful presenter should know what to say without having to rea a written speech.

If you have to use a written speech, memorize it. Engage in eye contact and interact with the audience as much as possible.

Practice what you Preach

An audience can clearly tell if you back the product, service or company you are speaking about. You have to believe in what you are selling or the audience is just lost. It is wasted time, breath and money. Not all presenters are going to back the product, company or service so this takes some acting on your part.

Some presenters do actually take acting courses in order to maintain audience focus and generate sales. There are also writing courses that help you to write in an authoritative tone to entice an audience to buy a product and mask your personal opinion of it.

Practice your Presentations

Practicing is important when a big presentation is coming up.  A good idea here is to ask a couple of co-workers to stay after work with you. Enter the conference space and give the presentation or a rough version of it, to them directly. Use their feedback to make the necessary changes before the big presentation takes place.

Practice out loud and listen for conviction in your voice. Listen for pauses and negative references. When you notice these, immediately change your train of thought and regroup.

The idea of presentations is to make a specific audience aware of a new product, service or to introduce a new company. The presentation is for revenue and growth purposes, and it is your job as the presenter to bring in the leads that will end up being closed sales. This often leads to more opportunities, a share in the revenues, bonuses and promotions. Always put 100% into every presentation. Even when you don’t fully believe in a product, you have to trick your brain and use reverse psychology on yourself to surpass the challenge.

Image source: iStock