Top 5 Things you Should Never Reveal About Yourself at Work

Having friends at the office can make life a whole lot more enjoyable. You have someone that you can hang out with, swap stories with, and even share some of your problems and issues with.

But how much personal information is too much? Should you be completely candid about yourself and your life with your coworkers? Perhaps some things are better kept private.

Here are a few things you should NEVER reveal about yourself at work:

1. Your Salary

This is an absolute NO-NO! The amount you are paid should be absolutely private, and something only to discuss with the right people (your boss). The person sitting next to you may make more (or less) than you do, and that can lead to dissension in the office if you’re not careful!

2. Your Feelings Toward the Job

How many people have been fired because they told the wrong person that they "hated their job"? If you dislike your job, keep it to yourself. You don’t want to be labelled as a negative person or "not a team player".

The same goes for disparaging remarks about what you are doing or what the company is doing. If you find something unethical or morally wrong, bring it up to the right person (human resources). But if it’s just annoyance, keep it to yourself. If your boss finds out that you’re bad-mouthing the job or the company, you’ll be the first one fired when it becomes time for downsizing.

3. Your Feelings Toward Your Coworkers/Boss

You may have a beef with one of the people in your office, but it’s never a good idea to share those feelings with others. The only people to speak to about these problems are your boss or the Human Resources person. They will help you to deal with the problem yourself, or else have a sit-down with the person and hash out the issues.

If you think someone is incompetent, slutty, ugly, lazy, or annoying, keep it to yourself!

You may be tempted to bad-mouth your boss behind his/her back, but that’s always a bad idea. You never know what they will hear or what will get back to them, and your mouth could land you in some serious hot water if you’re not careful.

4. Your Habits Outside of Work

You can share stories of golfing, sailing, playing sports, or enjoying a quiet weekend at home, but do you really need to tell your coworkers about that crazy weekend in Vegas or your wild trip at that EDM festival?

What you do outside of work should stay there. You have no idea how many times people have been passed over for promotions simply because of what they did outside of work. If you party too hearty, drink too much, take drugs, or do things that could be frowned upon, you’re not worthy to be the face of the company.

5. Your Job Hunt

Are you gunning for a position within your company and competing with other coworkers? Are you angling for your boss’s job or that big new promotion that just opened up? If so, it’s definitely something to keep to yourself. You never know who else might be working toward that same job, and they could sabotage your efforts.

You DEFINITELY need to keep quiet when you are looking for a job somewhere else. You may be using company time and resources for your job hunt, and you’re certain to be fired if your boss finds out. Keep it to yourself!

What would YOU recommend keeping private at work? Are there any topics you consider taboo? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts…