Top 5 Tools for a Perfect Infographic Resume

Visualizing your resume data on an infographic is an inventive way to allow hiring managers to quickly grasp the essential points of your CV and tell your story briefly. A cleverly-designed resume that communicates your personality and creative skills can make you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of the right people, especially in industries where competition is fierce. An infographic resume is not merely used to demonstrate your creative skills, it also highlights your intelligence, individuality and sense of originality. Use the power of visuals to tell the employer what is so special about you and why you are the right fit for the job.

Although an infographic resume cannot entirely replace a traditional resume, as certain employers will demand a conventional resume, it does offer you another tool to use when the situation calls for something more creative.  

In order to help you create an awesome infographic resume that will set you apart from the competition, I present the top 5 resources for creating a visually compelling resume:


This website is one of the top resources for creating online resume formats that are attractive, relevant and fun. Use to lay out your professional accomplishments and credentials in a simple yet engaging personal visualization. The aim of the site is to help jobseekers turn their education, skills, and experience into opportunities.  You can create your resume for free by signing in with LinkedIn, or logging in with your email address and password. With over 500,000 infographics created, is the king in infographics resumes.

2. Wordle


Wordle allows you to play with text in visual ways and it can be handy for those who don’t have design skills. This easy-to-use tool makes word cloud fun as you can customise font, theme, shape, colour and layouts as well as fine-tune with a lot of options.

3. Gliffy


Gliffy is a more comprehensive tool for building an infographic resume. It is an online diagram package that allows you to create professional-quality flowcharts and various types of diagrams that can be used for building your visual resume. Gliffy online allows you to create and edit large diagrams much faster than Flash as it runs on an HTML5 editor. It doesn’t require particular design expertise, you can just select shapes from an extensive library . You can access and edit your Gliffy documents straight from Google Drive, which means that you can work from any computer or device.

4. Vizify


This tool turns your social media data into interactive infographics, videos, graphical bios and lots more. You can use Vizify to build up your personal brand online through a compelling visual bio, an infographic resume etc. Currently, Vizify is undergoing a transition period as it has been acquired by Yahoo to ensure a better visual approach to data.

5. Brazen Careerist Facebook App


Brazen Careerist, has a Facebook app that produces an infographic resume from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile. First, you have to authorize the app to access your social media data, the next step is to generate an infographic resume with a unique URL, for example

The infographic features details such as your education information, years of experience, career timeline, referees, specialty keywords, awards etc.

Interestingly, this app allows you to feature badges awarded based on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn achievements.

In today’s highly competitive market it takes a little extra creativity to get noticed and network your way into your preferred job. The tools mentioned above can really help you shine by selling your story and key skills in an insightful and compelling way. Don’t miss these 5 examples of super creative resume design to help you get started designing your first ingenious visual resume. 




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