Top 5 TV Personalities With Insanely Large Paychecks

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No extra details are needed to explain how lucrative the US TV and film industry is. Actors’ large paychecks speak for themselves. Take the new deals for The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki, for example. They are the best-paid actors on TV according to TV Guide Magazine’s annual survey of star’s salaries. The trio earn a seven-figure salary that amounts to an astronomic $1 million per episode.

Check out the list below to see the other top earners in the TV industry according to Business Insider:

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1. Judge Judy Sheindlin: $47 million

Judge Judy Sheindlin is the highest-paid TV personality, earning $47 million for her syndicated daytime TV show “Judge Judy”. Reports revealed that in 2013, Sheindlin got a $2 million raise from the previous year and had her contract extended until 2017. Wonder what makes the New York judge’s salary so high? First, it’s high viewership. The show continues to be extremely popular with an average viewership of between 9 million to 10 million viewers per week. It is also said that the show brought in $230 million in advertising in 2012.

2. Jon Stewart: $25 million to $30 million

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The man known for the late-night talk and news satire television program “The Daily Show” is the highest-paid television host, making anywhere between $25- $30 million per year. Meanwhile, other late-night hosts on American TV make an average of $10 million per year.

3. Matt Lauer: $22 million to $25 million

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Well, NBC is willing to do anything to retain their best journalists. In the case of Matt Lauer, the channel agreed to fly him by helicopter to his horse farm and mansion from the channel’s studio in Manhattan. This perk comes on top of his big fat $20 million annual salary..

4. David Letterman: $20 million

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CBS’ David Letterman is the second highest-paid late-night personality, making $20 million a year. The 66 year-old TV personality was hosting “Late Night With David Letterman” on NBC and then moved to CBS to present the “Late Show”. Letterman boasts the longest career as a late-night host in TV history, but he is currently preparing to retire at some point this year and hands the reins over to Stephen Colbert.

5. Ellen DeGeneres: $16 million to $20 million

There’s no doubt that the Emmy award winner Ellen DeGeneres is perhaps the most popular TV hosts. The Ellen DeGeneres Show continues to be one of the most highly syndicated TV talk shows in the U.S. In its 10 season, the show has scored some of its best ratings this season. That’s apparently the reason the talk show has been renewed through 2017. The American TV host, stand-up comedian and actress gets a paycheck that ranges from $16 million to $20 million per year while her net worth stands at roughly $285 million.

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These are the top 5 TV personalities with the fattest paychecks in the US. Which of these celebrities do you admire the most? Are they worth what they get? Share your thoughts with us.. 




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