Top 5 Undergrad Schools for High-Paid Jobs on Wall Street


Many people dream of starting a career in the high-stakes world of Wall Street! It’s the place to make big money, and you can get rich – or help others get rich – from one day to the next.

If you’re considering a career on Wall Street, you’ll definitely want to attend one of the five schools listed below. They are the top feeder schools, meaning they will help you to land excellent jobs on Wall Street once you finish your studies.

1. University of Pennsylvania

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Not only is the University of Pennsylvania one of the top-ranked universities overall in the United States, it also holds the claim of being the oldest in the country!

It is the number one ranked feeder schools in the United States. Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania have the best chance to work at Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and all the other top Wall Street companies. It has particularly close ties with American-based investment firms, though graduates of UPenn often fail to get into foreign firms like UBS AG and Credit Suisse.

2. New York University


Located in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, New York University is one of the top-ranked institutions in the country. Not only does it send more students abroad than any other college in the US, it has also produced a staggering amount of Pulitzer, Nobel, Abel, and other prize winners.

It is the number two ranked feeder school in the US, and NYU graduates have the best chance of getting into foreign investment firms (Credit Suisse, UBS AG, and Nomura Holding). Its success has a lot to do with its location – just a few miles away from Wall Street itself!

3. University of Michigan

University of Michigan

When it comes to being successful on Wall Street, location may not be the only factor. Though the University of Michigan is far from New York City, it is still one of the top rated feeder schools for those looking to work on Wall Street.

It gives graduates an excellent chance of getting into firms like Evercore, KeyBanc Capital Markets, and BNP Paribas.

4. Harvard University


As an Ivy League school and one of the top universities in the country, it’s no surprise that Harvard makes it onto the list of top feeder schools for Wall Street careers. Many boutique firms will ONLY recruit from Harvard, as it is one of the most prestigious schools in the entire world. Though the cost of attending Harvard is very high, it’s worth it!

5. Cornell University


Cornell is another Ivy League university that you should consider if you are trying to work on Wall Street. Located in Ithaca, New York State, its proximity to Wall Street is just one of the things that make it a top ranked feeder school. It is a consistently high-ranking school not just for finance and business, but for every discipline, which is why more than 14,000 undergraduate students attend the university every year.

If you are planning a career on Wall Street, these are the best universities to attend. Once you know which investment firm you want to work at, you can choose the best feeder school to get your foot in the door!