Top 5 Ways to Avoid Alienating Your Coworkers

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Being annoying and causing havoc in the workplace is a definite way to alienate your coworkers and become the person that no one wants to be around. Most people are at work for eight hours each day and sometimes even longer if you count their lunch hour and overtime work. Since you spend one-third of your day at work, it would benefit you not to annoy your coworkers. There are certain things that you should avoid doing in the workplace so that you don’t alienate your coworkers.

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1. Don't Be a Chronic Break Taker

If you are known as the chronic break taker and go out for extra-long lunches, are constantly running back to the break room to get coffee, or heading outside for a smoke every hour, you’re on the road toward alienating your coworkers in a huge way. This is especially true if you work with high achievers and individuals who make a diligent effort every day to work to their optimal potential. When they see you take advantage of management by taking too many breaks, they can become annoyed and not want to associate with you in the workplace.

2. Don't Be an Email Rule Breaker

No one wants to deal with a coworker who constantly breaks all the rules regarding emails. Don’t write in all caps or write a long dissertation when all you need to do is simply write a few sentences in reply. Also, remember to never reply to everyone when you only need to privately reply to a single person. If your coworkers don’t need to be included in the email conversation, don’t hit “reply all” unless you really want to alienate everyone.

3. Don't Be the Chronic Scheduler

Another way to avoid alienating your coworkers is to refrain from becoming the chronic meeting scheduler. Meetings are great. However, you do not need to have a meeting to discuss every single issue that is going on in your department. Overscheduling meetings can be viewed as a huge waste of time and counterproductive to cultivating productivity in the office. There are other avenues that you can take such as sending an email, speaking on the phone, or walking over to the coworker’s desk to speak in person as opposed to overscheduling meetings.

4. Don't Be the Meeting Avoider

We all know that not everyone enjoys attending work meetings and events. If you have a knack for getting out of having to attend these meetings (whether they are mandatory or not), you will quickly find that you are alienating your coworkers who are faithfully attending them. Not only will you alienate your coworkers, you’ll also miss out on the perfect opportunity to cultivate deeper professional relationships with your colleagues.

5. Don't Become the Office Whiner

The final way that you can avoid alienating your coworkers is to refrain from becoming the office whiner. No one wants to hear you grumble and complain about everything. If you cannot effectively work with your coworkers to resolve conflicts in a positive manner, then you have a greater chance of alienating them. Going to management all the time, rather than trying to first work things out with your coworkers will only get you labeled as the office whiner.

Have you alienated your coworkers? What did you do to repair your coworker relationships? Let us know in the comments section below!