Top 5 Ways to Avoid Annoying Your Cubicle Mates

If you work in a cubicle environment at the office, have you ever wondered if you’re a good cubicle mate? Are there coworkers whom you would totally classify as lacking any cubicle etiquette? Unless you want to become the coworker that everyone hates, you should pay attention to the way you operate in the workplace. Consider the following top five ways to avoid annoying your cubicle mates.

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1. Tone Down Your Cubicle Decorations

Remember to always abide by company regulations with regard to how much you are permitted to change the décor of your cubicle space. It’s fine to show your personality, make your space feel nice and cozy and decorate for holidays. However, some people have taken the decorating to the extreme. Any time you go off the deep end and get extreme, you risk becoming an annoyance to your cubicle mates. So, decorate within reason and never encroach upon a coworker’s cubicle wall.

2. Keep Your Personal Calls Private

Office Broker

If you must make a personal call at your desk, try to respect the cramped work environment and keep your voice down. Your coworkers don’t really want to know how your blind date bombed last night, listen to you discuss medical test results with your doctor’s office or hear you have an all-out fight with your spouse on the phone. There is a time and place for personal calls and if possible, make them on your break time.

3. Respect Your Coworkers' Noses

We all love wearing our favorite perfume or cologne. However, those individuals who have become noseblind and don’t even realize how drenched in fragrance they are will quickly become an annoyance to their cubicle mates. This issue applies to bad odors as well, such as body odor and poor personal hygiene. Do everyone a favor and don’t come to the office with a nasty smell lingering in your wake. Remember to also respect the workplace by not bringing pungent smelling food to eat at your desk. If you simply have to eat that tuna fish sandwich, maybe you should think about eating it in the breakroom or taking your lunch outside.

4. Don’t Become a Wall Shouter

Wall Shouter

Working in a cubicle environment can quickly lend itself to a more relaxed atmosphere. However, you must remember to remain professional and refrain from becoming a wall shouter. Just because you need to get a message to a cubicle mate, three or four rows down, that doesn’t give you the right to stand up and shout your message. Get some exercise and physically walk over to the person you need to speak to. If you don’t feel like walking, simply pick up the phone or email the person. Don’t annoy your cubicle mates by becoming a wall shouter.

5. Keep Your Voice at a Low Level

In a cubicle working environment, everyone has to learn how to work together in a symbiotic fashion without disturbing the other person. Of course, you will probably find that many times you are all on the phone at the same time; especially if you’re working in a call center. However, one sure way to annoy your coworkers is to speak at a high volume and overpower everyone else in the room. Respect the workplace and keep your voice at a low level. This includes instances when you’re having a conversation with another coworker or manager in your cubicle.

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Do you work in a cubicle environment? What was the most annoying thing you had to deal with from one of your cubicle mates?