Top 5 Ways to Show Kindness at Work

Top 5 Ways to Show Kindness at Work

Once you’ve started your kindness revolution at work, showing gratitude and appreciation becomes a creative way to both show appreciation and get to know co-workers’ strengths. Here are five great ways to show kindness to co-workers in the form of gratitude and appreciation.

Always say thank you, and do it in person

It can be tempting in this day and age to send thanks via email or text. But walking up to a co-worker’s cubicle and taking the time to verbally thank them for their work on a project or report will mean a lot more and have a much longer lasting effect than a generic email. 

If your co-worker did you a really big favour, consider pairing your verbal thanks with a cup of coffee or a thank-you cookie.

Recognize accomplishments

It’s easy for the office to become a place where only mistakes are noticed, and achievements or accomplishments go without recognition. In your kindness revolution, be sure to appreciate everything your employees or co-workers are doing for you--don’t leave even the smallest of achievements by the wayside.

In your morning meetings, be sure to acknowledge any specific accomplishments from the day before so that co-workers feel appreciated and valued.

Give genuine compliments

If you notice that a co-worker has a new haircut or a new suit, be sure to stop and take the time to compliment them on the new look; but only if you truly like it. While stopping to criticise their outift is definitely inappropriate, giving compliments with an alterior motive or ingenuinely can really come back to bite you later.

However, taking the time to stop and notice changes in your co-workers can make them feel like you’re paying attention to your surroundings and actually care about them.

Leave words of encouragement

If you notice that a co-worker is having a pretty difficult day, or maybe they’re very stressed, it could relieve them to know that you’re there to help; let them know they can count on you by leaving a little note on their desk or on their computer telling them you’re available if they need anything. This way they know you’re there, but you didn’t have to take up their time in stopping by their cubicle to tell them.

Likewise, leaving small words of encouragement via a note is a great way to send a message without distracting them from their daily tasks or difficult projects.

Don’t bring negativity to work

One of the easiest ways to show kindness to your co-workers is to be positive. Bringing negative judgements and attitudes to work can really affect how your co-workers perceive you and how they interact with you; do them (and yourself) a favor by being a joy to be around.

Everyone has their bad days, but by being positive in the workplace, you encourage others to do the same and spare co-workers harsh judgments or criticism. Try your best to be positive.

Showing kindness at work can be the only positivity in your co-workers’ day, depending on their personal life. Be sure that your glowing personality comes through in your positivity and your co-workers know you appreciate the things they do day in and day out.

Creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo by jillallyn.