Top 5 WordPress Backup Plugins

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WordPress site owners are vulnerable to losing their data due to problems such as server errors or hacking. The good news is that there are several WordPress plugins available which can help you backup your databases, files and directories. While most of these plugins can be installed directly from WordPress, others can only be downloaded from third-party sites.

1. BackUpWordpress

This is a simple plugin which allows you to manage your backups easily. Once BackUpWordpress is installed, you can then select the frequency of backups and when it should begin. This plugin stores your backups on the WordPress server and is ideal for people who want to create a full backup of their sites, not just a simple database backup. It is also suitable for people who don’t have much knowledge of WordPress.

2. Backup To Dropbox

Dropbox is a well known virtual file storage option which offers at least 2GB storage space at no cost. You can easily create your own Dropbox folder for storing backups of your site. You can select which directories to include as well as the schedule for backups. If your site is more than 2GB, you will have to pay for extra storage space. This plugin is ideal for anyone who would want to access their files from remote locations. It is also suitable for those who would want to share backup files with others.

3. Snapshot Backup

This plugin helps you create a backup of your entire site, not just your file system and databases. It backs up your plugins, WP core, themes, database, uploads and everything else in your site. You can either upload your backup file to your server or store it in your computer. Snapshot Backup is easy to install and requires very little configuration. The main disadvantage of this plugin is that unlike others like Dropbox, it does not offer third-party file storage support. This means that you might have a storage problem if your hosting provider does not offer sufficient web space.  

4. BackWPUp

This easy to use plugin allows you not only to back up your databases, but also to check, repair and optimize them if necessary. BackWPUp also allows you to store your backup files in various third-party providers such as RackSpaceCloud, SugarSync, Dropbox and Amazon S3. However, you could also choose to store the files in your server. You can create backups in a wide range of formats including .tar and .zip. The ability to compress your files means that your backups won’t take much space on your third-party provider or server. This plugin is ideal for anyone running several WordPress sites since it offers multi-site support.     

5. WordPress EZ Backup

Just like the name suggests, WordPress EZ Backup is a very easy to use plugin. It allows you to set the frequency of backups and time schedules. It also comes with a restoration feature which enables you to restore the site from your backup files. The downside of this plugin is that it does not offer third-party storage options.

Other backup plugins you might want to consider include WP Complete Backup, Online Backup For WordPress, XCloner, Snapshot, Backup Scheduler and BackupBuddy.




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