Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Sites

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The most popular platform for website builders and individuals without web design experience is WordPress. There are over 74-million websites in use with this platform. Once thought of as being a blogger’s building option only, WordPress has become the most used content management system in the world. This is often referred to as a CMS system. There are hundreds of plugins available and it is important, especially for Ecommerce websites, to have several in place for SEO purposes, consumer shopping abilities and for site statistics reporting purposes. The top 5 are briefly discussed in the content below.


JigoShop is one of the easiest shopping platforms to install for consumers to use. This plugin allows website owners to fully customize the shopping experience. Users can add virtual photographs of items, allows for sizing and quantity drop downs and has a feature to group products by product type.

The setup of this plugin literally takes minutes. You’ll also be able to manage your store and receive performance reports, sales records and other vital information required for accounting purposes.


WooCommerce makes selling online easier than most other plugins. It is one of the most highly rated and most downloaded plugin available. With this plugin users get desktop widgets and helpful tools that help them stay on top of the performance of the website itself and sales.

Users have the option of using a template and performing simple customizations or can completely build from scratch for a fully customizable web store. This helps brands maintain their identity no matter what platform a consumer visits them on.

Additional extensions and customizable payment and shipping options are also available with the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce SEO

SEO is very important for a business, especially those with an online presence. The WooCommerce SE O plugin helps to improve search results cleans up URLs for easier detection in search engines and helps you put keywords into product or content URLs just to name a few features. This plugin is vital for maintaining brand popularity and recognition in the niche market.

With this plugin, each page also has its own meta-description. This helps consumers to have brief descriptions of products or content inclusions on a specific page.


With eShop, consumers can have their own logins on your system. This customizable option is attractive to web users, especially when they plan to frequent your website for purchases. Website owners can also customize how the products appear on the page for consumers. This is convenient for developing a better layout.

Other beneficial features of eShop include:

  •          Figuring sales tax
  •          Inventory control
  •          Out of Stock messages
  •          Companion plugins

The variety of features within this plugin makes it a necessity for WordPress website developers and owners. Users will get an email when their purchase is complete and successful and there are options for other types of contact too.

Social Coupon

Social Coupon is a way for online retailers to offer discounts to their customers for sharing content, promotions and products. These discounts do vary per retailer and work with all of the major social media networks. With this, you also have the ability to determine which social media networks the content is shared on with visible buttons. This is a great marketing tool that gets the general public and loyal customers involved with your business.

Plugins are important on Ecommerce websites for both ease of use and general functionality purposes. Without plugins, many website owners are lacking real statistics to help them grow as a brand and corner the market in a specific niche. Consider these plugins for your WordPress site and notice changes in traffic, increased revenues and better records keeping almost immediately.




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